Windsurf Info & Rental

New Zealand has it all!  Free-ride and cruise in beautiful bays, wave sail in empty world class breaks or fight the elements in one of the windiest cities in the world…

Why choose New Zealand as a destination for your windsurf holiday?

  • New Zealand is in the southern hemisphere.  With summer from December to April, this makes it an ideal winter escape destination for everyone from the Northern hemisphere.
  • Pacific Ocean on the East, Tasman Sea on the West, at least one of them is delivering.  Though there is plenty to discover and do even when there is no wind or waves.
  • Sub-tropical climate!  The northern parts of the country for windsurfing is very pleasant all year round.
  • Freeride and Wave spots for all skill levels in most regions.
  • Unspoiled and stunning coastline with unique and varied landscapes.
  • Uncrowded spots and friendly locals: most locals are pleased to share their spot and a beer with fellow windsurfers!
  • Windy Wellington, world class waves in Taranaki, wild sandy beaches tucked away in Northland and breath-taking backdrops throughout the South Island.

For more info about the weather and the different areas, check our NZ Info page (under construction, will be there soon).

Sounds great, but how do I get all of my gear over to New Zealand? That has to be a huge hassle…..

You don’t need to!  At Water Nomads we have a wide variety of boards and rigs to cater for every level, bodyweight and style of windsurfing. We offer a modular system to custom tailor your equipment. Rent board and rig, add another rig or just a sail, we make sure you have the best gear according to your needs and/or budget so you can enjoy your holiday.

Try our cost calculator to find out how much it costs.

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