GWA Youth Wingfoil World Cup La Palma 2023

Highlights | GWA Youth World Championships La Palma 2023

Youth Wingfoil World Championships 2023: Rising Stars Take Center Stage!

The GWA Youth Wingfoil World Championships 2023 showcased the incredible talent of young athletes against the picturesque backdrop of La Palma in the Canary Islands. Among the rising stars, 16-year-old Chris MacDonald from the USA stole the show, securing the Men’s U19 Surf-Freestyle crown with an extraordinary performance that outshone the current senior Surf-Freestyle world champion, Malo Guénolé of France.

Meanwhile, Spain’s Nia Suardiaz, also 16, exhibited absolute dominance in both the Women’s U19 FreeFly-Slalom and Women’s U19 Surf-Freestyle categories, winning all eight elimination rounds in each discipline.

The event gathered 35 talented athletes from around the world, competing in the U14, U16, and U19 age groups. Over four intense days, these young stars tackled challenging courses, showcasing their skills and determination.

The GWA Youth Wingfoil World Championships 2023 highlighted the exceptional talent and potential of these young athletes. With their impressive performances, they left an indelible mark on the sport and set the stage for an exciting future in wingfoiling.

GWA Youth Wingfoil World Championships 2023 results

Boys’ U14 Surf-Freestyle

1 Ezio Bastianelli (FRA)

2 Leon Schiel (GBR)

3 Benjamin Castenskiold (DEN)

Boys’ U14 FreeFly-Slalom

1 Leon Schiel (GBR)

2 Ezio Bastianelli (FRA)

3 Benjamin Castenskiold (DEN)

Boys’ U16 Surf-Freestyle

1 Clément Hamon (FRA)

2 Axel Gerard (FRA)

3 Luca Vuillermet (FRA)

Boys’ U16 FreeFly-Slalom

1 Axel Gerard (FRA)

2 Clément Hamon (FRA)

3 Mahe Thébault (FRA)

Men’s U19 Surf-Freestyle

1 Chris MacDonald (USA)

2 Malo Guénolé (FRA)

3 Noé Cuyala (FRA)

Men’s U19 FreeFly-Slalom

1 Malo Guénolé (FRA)

2 Martin Tieles (ESP)

3 Noé Cuyala (FRA)

Women’s U19 Surf-Freestyle

1 Nia Suardiaz (ESP)

2 Lily Buden (USA)

3 Enoha Laurent (FRA)

Women’s U19 FreeFly-Slalom

1 Nia Suardiaz (ESP)

2 Lily Buden (USA)

3 Enoha Laurent (FRA)

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