Water Nomads NZ

Exploring new territory!

The concept was simple, long term rental of premium surf, windsurf and SUP boards and gear for travellers to New Zealand that have a passion for water sports. And whom have an aversion to the horrors that come with oversize luggage charges and restrictions that inevitably come with long distance air travel.

Why miss out on 16,000km’s of coastline New Zealand has to offer.

But with any good idea, comes the hard work. And with Heidi and Bevan, taking the easy path was never considered. Deciding a name took almost as long as getting our website up. We hope you agree, ‘Water Nomads’ captures the essence of what we, and you, love to do…

Next was the website, and seriously, neither of us had a clue. We did though have a vision! This was followed by a steep learning curve that continues today. We are a small passionate team so it’s all hands on, and we hope you like what you see.

The first aspect was what gear do we offer. We are not a school, so we are not restricted to big battered boards and small, robust sails for the beginner. What we are is passionate, so our aim is to enable the intermediate to pro that is adventurous and keen to explore. Our gear that we rent is the same gear that we ride, all current season (or two) unless stated otherwise. Frankly we keep a few boards longer than usual because they are so good!

As well as providing a portal to us and what we offer, we wanted to also give you a window into the amazing and diverse country of New Zealand that we live. The ‘Travel Page’ is your starting point, but it does not end there. We love our back yard, and can help you with spot tips, location advice as you travel. We will never be far from your side, even with hints on where to find the best coffee…

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