2019 TWC Warm-Up Surfari Trip Report!


The tension was high, the promised weather could not be better! Wednesday 23rd October, Water Nomads windsurfers descended on Oakura, Taranaki. And holly, the swell was huge…

A returning friend from Australia for the TWC reported various attempts to get on the water, including ‘crushers’, only to get crushed…  Having a sniff about the area it was decided to save our energy for Thursday 24th. Waitara looked like it would be the place to be.

The Water Nomads team arrived in our fabulous accommodation, almost across the road to the Oakura beach surf club with amazing views down the bay to Ahu’s break. Derek, David, Rhys, and our other David, settled quickly and our chief (local windsurfer) Katrin of Mint Lunches delivers our evening meal. This, with a beverage or two, chatter ensued on the promised days sailing.

Water Nomads TWC Warm-Up Trip is an opportunity to join a windsurfing group a couple days before the 2019 Taranaki Wave Classic. An opportunity for you to venture into places you have not windsurfed, and make new friends; or you are just after like minded company and a hassle free trip. Everything is catered for: accommodation, food (breakfast, dinner and lunches) and weather / location recommendations. The moto: come a stranger, leave a friend.

Thursday Morning, the perfect slow start…  Waitara is lining up to be perfect, moderate logo high sets with the perfect cross off wind direction. The tide meant it would be a post lunch afternoon on the water. A slow continental breakfast was had, bottomless coffee flowed and the chatter continued. Mint Lunches delivered the days healthy wholefood lunch for everyone. Jill and Richard joined us in Waitara and everyone was eagerly hitting the water.  By mid-afternoon everyone was on their smallest gear.

Our final night was enjoyed in Oakura with a superb curry provided by Mint Lunches and fine wine. Tomorrow promises similar Waitara conditions, slightly less swell and more wind! With the current tide, a pleasant slow breakfast again would be on the table…

Friday 25th, Waitara, David, Derek and Rhys took the opportunity for some technical lessons. Local windsurf instructor Spencer, and Auckland Windsurf School instructor Pete. David, Derek and Rhys were chomping at the bit to get out there and test their new skills. Pete also had a keen group new to wave sailing from his Auckland Windsurfing School. It was great to see the energy and vibe, and the TWC hadn’t even started yet!

Waitara was being a bit hit and miss early on Friday afternoon, cloudy, and no matter how long you studied it, you’ll pick the wrong sail. By mid-afternoon, the cloud broke, and the sea breeze soon to followed. So much so that by late afternoon it was nuking out back, and you can see the grins were broad in spite of the shrinking swell conditions. Check out the PHOTOS

What a way to end the warm-up! Then the 2019 Taranaki Wave Classic began…

Check out the 2019 Taranaki Wave Classic Event Report

Water Nomads would like to congratulate Pete Sewell for winning the Water Nomads Taranaki Wave Classic prize for a weekend trip to the value of $500!

Our next trip returns to stunning Taranaki on the 6th-8th December, our pre-Xmas Escape weekend, check it out HERE or message us for more details… For more on Water Nomads Trips, check out our BOOKING page

Severne Sails 2020 – The Future is Here!

2020 Severne Sails

Water Nomads have received their first shipment of 2020 Severne Sails, and they are looking amazing. In fact Heidi has already gotten the 3.7 and 4.2 Blade wet and is loving them.  That 4.2 in white looks sooooo sharp! Heidi also gave the 2020 4.0 S-1 a first short blast on an extremely windy day. She was impressed how light weight it is and how it handled the over-powered conditions: the sweet spot wasn’t moving despite the challenging conditions.

For the first time we have expanded our range to include the powerful S-1’s, here is what Severne say “The S-1 is a high performance 4 batten wave sail. A reduced batten count makes this sail light, flexible and responsive. Less structural rigidity gives the rig a bigger sweet-spot, and allows the sail to auto-correct during wave-riding by giving the draft just enough movement to ensure constant power delivery.”  And we are total with them.

If your intent is to wave sail in Taranaki, then these are the ones you want to focus on.

New Zealand is a broad spectrum of conditions though, so what is the go-to when you don’t know what will happen day to day let alone hour by hour?  This is where we have found the Severne Blade extremely satisfying, super stable and dependable no matter what “The 020 Blade is a 5 batten wave sail with the perfect blend of power and control.

For riders demanding dependable performance across a wide wind range, you simply can’t beat the stability and control that 5 battens provide. Based on this fundamental we built the Blade to be the ultimate all-rounder wave sail.”

And wave sailing not your thing? Never fear, we have also landed the latest Severne Gator Freeride sails, so versatile it is Bevan’s go to for harbour blasting.  “From lightwind freeriding to high-wind blasting, the Gator is the sail to maximise your stoke EVERY session. Freeride windsurfing is all about blasting around at speed and being able to change direction at will. With that in mind we’ve designed the Gator to get you up and planing earlier, and when the wind picks up keep you in control longer.”

Confused? Don’t worry, that’s what we are here for!  Water Nomads will tailor what you need to achieve what you want, be that hard core waves to cruisy harbour blasts.

These Severne Sails coupled with top of the line performance Severne, Carbon Art and Starboard boards, what more could you want?!

Everyone has their own desire and expectation.  We aim to fulfil that the best we can!

Ultimate Trips for the 2020 Season

Water Nomads Windfoiling Trips

Born from the success of the initial 2019 season trips to Taranaki, Water Nomads are broadening the scope for the 2020 season.  Taranaki will remain a prominent destination on the calendar as it is the premium wave sailing location, and of course our favourite.

None more so than the ‘world famous in New Zealand’ upcoming ‘Taranaki Wave Classic 2019’. Fast approaching, this coming Labour Weekend (October) Water Nomads are offering a ‘TWC Warm Up Trip’. Aimed at intermediate to advanced wave sailors all the hassle is removed. Healthy food, cosy accommodation and great crew to discover the best the region has to offer, and be ready to rip it up for the TWC event.

New entries into the calendar – a luxury weekend in the Bay of Islands for wind foiling.  This is exclusive and strictly limited in places.  The ultimate holiday water front location in pristine surroundings. Seriously, you are on the beach! Fully catered for with five-star cuisine, and surrounded by likeminded enthusiastic sailors.

As the end of year approaches, there is a further opportunity to jump into our pre-Xmas Surfari trip to Taranaki to take advantage of the Spring winds and undoubtedly epic waves! As with our previous 2019 season trips, there is superb whole foods fully catered for, together with the best spot guide for the conditions of the day, and not forgetting a fantastic group to share all the experiences with.

For more details, contact us via our website www.waternomads.co.nz, email [email protected] or call us on (+64) 021 044 5914.

For up to the minute trip updates, other events and water news, you can follow us on Facebook @waternomadsnz where our events and notices are posted.

If you just want to know what we are doing, you can also follow us on Instagram and Twitter, also @waternomadsnz.

Sowing the seeds…

Water Nomads Dream

Giving the big city of Auckland a crack the last years has been good to us, great harbours and coastlines with many coastal islands to play in.  Surfing, windsurfing, sup and kayak adventures are endless here.  Yet we feel it is coming to a time for a new scene.  And as our passion toward water sports and windsurfing is at the forefront, the region of Taranaki seems all too obvious.

Lowe and behold, after many trips including our new Surfari journeys, we find a nest right in the middle of one of the countries best surf breaks, Kumara patch; and between the best wave sailing spots that have found notoriety worldwide, Weld, Kina and Punga’s no less.  What better place for Water Nomads to develop further.

Nestled amongst dairy paddocks and a stone’s throw from the wild Taranaki coast our prospective new home can be framed in front of the iconic volcanic mountain that is Mt. Taranaki.  A huge national park playground of hiking and mountain climbing, with rugged coastal beaches of black sands to fin eating boulders.  Alias for the moment, we continue in Auckland as we rent this paradise home to a young family.

In the mean time we dream, and plan…

Surfari March 2019

Water Nomads Surfari

It was on! Water Nomads late summer Surfari to Taradise.

With the promise of perfect weather and a moderate swell, five great windsurfers joined us for the weekend. Jill, Richard and David were so amped from our first trip and were straight into this one (pretty sure it was just the food).  With Pete and Christian joining the group ensuring the social dynamic was fantastic from the get-go.

Friday evening found us in Oakura as our home (situated just south of New Plymouth). This proved perfect for a still early morning surf SUP on the beach before breakfast.  A constant flow of coffee ensured caffeine levels were suitable for constant banter and an ever-increasing eagerness to play on the water.

Saturday found truth of any activity that relies on the weather; the weather will always fool the forecaster.  And a distinct absence of swell and wind had the team SUP surf Baileys Road before hunting for the promised blow.  Much chatter with random directional finger pointing eventually lead to a feed of a heathy lunch by our partner Mint Lunches.  Beach naval gazing eventually had three eager players on the water as the afternoon brought 8-10 knots. We resigned to a light wind skill testing (what was it? Never miss an opportunity to practice your tacks?), with the ever-present assurance that there would be more tomorrow.

It wasn’t long though before Heidi laid down the gauntlet… A challenge, to sail back home (Weld Road, to Oakura Beach), up wind, in 8-10 knots…  Hmmm, an actual Surfari!

Pete and David took up the challenge and as they made their way around the headland found it amazing how far out those cars sized boulders can reveal themselves.

Fins and boards unscathed, the three made it easily to Okura, with a brief walk to the house and a well-earned beer.  Soon Katrin, our esteemed weekend chief (Mint Lunches), delivered our dinner personally, a Tarakihi and vegetable stew with fresh German spelt bread that was to die for!  This followed by raw ginger slice.  OMG! There was not a drop of wine left either 😀

Sunday was a slow start, but in true form the sunshine and wind arrived.  Crystal blue waters that is the deep Tasman Sea off Ahu Ahu Road was a great afternoon with fun bump and jump conditions and a small rolling swell to turn duck and gibe… Another fabulous lunch by Mint Lunches and soon the afternoon of sailing drew long and it was finally time to bid farewell to everyone and journey back to Auckland.

Interest for a mid-winter madness trip has already being mooted, so keep an eye out for June 2019…

Behind the scenes

Water Nomads Behind the Scenes

Premium performance boards built to be cutting edge – light, fast and responsive. Small bumps and bruises happen to all of us, we pick ourselves up and we keep going. The boards on the other hand, will suffer quickly if their bruises are not attended too.  Here at Water Nomads we not only provide you will the best gear on the market, we also ensure you get it in the best condition.

There is a lot of work keeping a small business going. Be it marketing with the website, social media; keeping on top of the books; or ensuring customers get the best equipment and latest information.

There is one aspect many people do not realise that is just as important to us as the above…  Although it soaks up a lot of time, detailed board maintenance is a crucial part of offering premium gear rental…

We are all familiar with surf school boards; big, tough, naturally designed to take the riggers of over-exuberance and more often than not, over-confidence. As students realise the thrill of surfing and windsurfing and the boards suffer… I’m sure you remember more than one tumble!

Heidi loves the boards, and she loves ensuring they are in the best condition.  Not only to look good, but to perform how they were intended… Together with guru boat builder and mentor George Jakich; you can trust our boards are ready for another workout on the water!

Inaugural Surfari Recap!

Water Nomads Surfari

The first weekend of February 2019, New Plymouth, Taranaki, Aotearoa New Zealand…

The scene was set! A crew of four keen windsurfer’s joined Water Nomads – Heidi and Bevan for a weekend of forecast promising windsurf wave sailing.  From Auckland – Jill, Richard, Phillip and Wellington – David, we all descended on our classy accommodation in central New Plymouth.  Introductions over a quiet Friday evening beverage, everyone got to know each other.  Soon enough though, an early night was sort by all. Was it the travel, or building nerves?

Saturday: the house was superb, comfortable and spacious. In the dining room the Water Nomads crew rolled out a continental breakfast, and it wasn’t long before the freshly perked coffee was in hot demand! Would you like cinnamon on your cappuccino? The chatter was amped, forecasts repeatedly checked… soon expectations are realised, our sailing location is straight into the deep end – Pungarehu Road.

Arriving at the bay we found one local already demonstrating how it’s done here…  As the tide was still pretty full, we decided a quick tiki-tour to Kina Road for a look.  But the draw-back to Punga’s was all too strong, and soon the atmosphere was filling with anticipation as a great crew of enthusiastic locals arrive and welcome us, warm as ever.

The conditions were developing to “pretty full on” for our windsurf wave team, with 25+ knot gusts and logo high sets rolling through, but no one could stand in their way… It was looking spectacular, so Bevan (WHiO photography) got behind the lens and caught much of the action. You can see the album here.

During the day, our lunch was provided by local windsurf wave queen and business owner Katrin Dau – Mint Lunches. Delivering a yummy healthy feed keeping us all sharp for the whole day!

The conditions never let up, but eventually everyone was toast! Even the photographer! Back at the house a well-earned dinner was again provided by Mint Lunches, the most scrumptious vegetarian lasagne and uber healthy fresh salad.  Funny moment – a sudden realisation the salad had been placed in the hot oven rather than the lasagne! Quick action in the kitchen saw the dishes exchanged. And with fabulous humour, we enjoyed a hot lasagne and a warm salad… Recounting blow by blow moves and dodged rocks, over fine wine soon found many a tired eye, and it was not long before everyone had retired for the evening.

Another hearty breakfast, bottomless cappuccino’s, the forecast was discussed. The wind was light, the previous days swell had dropped away. So Waitara Beach for a relaxing SUP surf in the warm summers sun.  And once again, we all enjoyed an amazing lunch prepared by Mint Lunches.

Watch out for our next trip, likely planned for March 2019!

Water Nomads Surfari!


It’s more than gear hire, it’s the experience. Water Nomads now offer windsurf weekend introductions to premium locations. Focused on the windsurfer, we aim to provide an all-expenses paid weekend at a prime windsurfing location. Not as a guide, but an enabler, to introduce you to the spots and share the knowledge that will get you confidently out on the water that you normally wouldn’t consider.

Surfari’s include the accommodation, all food catered, and a group of likeminded keen people to share the fun. Introduction to friendly locals guaranteed.

Our inaugural Surfari is the first weekend in February 2019, to the stunning wave sailing location in New Zealand, Taranaki. With catering by Mint Lunches, and advanced lesson on request by Windsurf and Stand Up Paddle Taranaki, it has proved popular already. As we post this blog we have a couple spaces still available, so get in touch quick!

The best way to find out about the latest updates on what we are doing, follow our social media handle @waternomadsnz on Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

We also support events around the country, where you wish to participate but the travel is prohibitive or risky with all the equipment you need. Contact us when your planning, and let us take care of your gear needs.

Auckland is Water Nomads home, with the aim you fly in, and pick the kit up on your way, then finally return. With enough notice though, most main centres throughout New Zealand can be your collect and drop off point, such as Wellington, Christchurch or Queenstown.

Gear Freaks!

Severne Nano 73

Heidi and Bevan have been sailing Starboard Windsurfing boards and Severne Sails and boards since, well since for ever. And when it came to surf, NSP is the only name we trusted to provide you with the friendliest yet exciting ride. When we decided to create Water Nomads, we immediately made the commitment that whatever we hire to you is the same gear we trust and use daily on the water.

So working with NZ Boardstore, Starboard, Severne, Carbon Art and NSP we have built a fleet second to none in New Zealand. Everything you can think of and more, boards, sails, boom, mast extension, harness, leash, paddle, bags, lockbox for car/van keys, even soft racks…

We are soon landing our latest line-up that includes the new 2019 Severne boards such as the Dyno, that weapon of a Fox, Starboard Inflatable Windsup’s, Severne Blade wave sails and Gator freeride sails. Check out our line-up on the equipment tab on our website!

Perfect timing for the release of the new seasons equipment brilliantly coincides with New Zealand’s Spring and Summer. Not only can you escape the Northern winter with a fabulous summer holiday in ‘God’s own’, you can be the first in the world to ride the latest season’s kit! Now that’ll make your friends back home green with envy!

Exploring new territory!

Water Nomads NZ

Why miss out on 16,000km’s of coastline New Zealand has to offer.

But with any good idea, comes the hard work. And with Heidi and Bevan, taking the easy path was never considered. Deciding a name took almost as long as getting our website up. We hope you agree, ‘Water Nomads’ captures the essence of what we, and you, love to do…

Next was the website, and seriously, neither of us had a clue. We did though have a vision! This was followed by a steep learning curve that continues today. We are a small passionate team so it’s all hands on, and we hope you like what you see.

The first aspect was what gear do we offer. We are not a school, so we are not restricted to big battered boards and small, robust sails for the beginner. What we are is passionate, so our aim is to enable the intermediate to pro that is adventurous and keen to explore. Our gear that we rent is the same gear that we ride, all current season (or two) unless stated otherwise. Frankly we keep a few boards longer than usual because they are so good!

As well as providing a portal to us and what we offer, we wanted to also give you a window into the amazing and diverse country of New Zealand that we live. The ‘Travel Page’ is your starting point, but it does not end there. We love our back yard, and can help you with spot tips, location advice as you travel. We will never be far from your side, even with hints on where to find the best coffee…