The journey begins!

Water Nomads NZ

First, let me (Bevan) introduce you to the heart of Water Nomads.

Heidi, originally from the south of Germany, she learnt to windsurf as a youngster in France. Later through her University years in Kiel, the deep stormy north, her passion for windsurfing was inevitably set. Heidi is very familiar with travel, the immense effort required to carry windsurf kit with you, especially by plane too far off locations.

Life eventually bought her to ‘gods own’ that is New Zealand, to which she has made her home. And windsurfing, travelling and epic adventure is never far from her mind.

Bevan, a born and breed Kiwi has dabbled in many adventure sports and travelled numerous parts of the world in various forms and times. Although mountains and cycling have been Bevan’s background, Heidi rekindled a teenage passion for water sports, with windsurfing now dominate.

Now together, water sports adventures around the country soon spread to the pacific. With it, we quickly understood the epic hassles and sometimes expensive nightmares that come with oversized luggage that comes with water sports equipment and aeroplane travel. Be it the tightening and forever changing restrictions and charges on oversized luggage, to the horrors of missing and/or damaged gear, especially your precious boards!

After a having wonderful windsurf holiday to Hawaii, which included the hassle and expense of lugging all our own gear, we realised that rental services at the beach locations were amazing. On our return to New Zealand, we came to realise this type of service is almost non-existent the moment you leave Auckland. Even then, there are just two schools that offer spot rental by the hour.

With 16,000km of coast, and a diverse countryside to see, what if there was a long-term rental of premium gear that you can take for your whole journey? Affordable, flexible and now available – Water Nomads is born…