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Our aim at Water Nomads is to help  you realise your passion in a play ground like no other!

If you are not sure what New Zealand is about; or looking for that final piece of motivation that will get you booking your ticket, here it is…

Paul van Bellen offers up a fantastic edit of the Taranaki Wave Classic 2018, with Aussie humour, and eye for everything that is Taranaki!

Laird Hamilton takes a trip to Raglan, New Zealand with The Ultimate Waterman to one of the best left hand point breaks in the world.


Oscar and Shane Murrell give us a sneak peek at Northland – short, long and SUP surfing….


William Novak shows us a taste of the capitals best, Wellington.


Sam Snell with this epic surf video “Locals Only” of three American exchange students surfing the South Islands East Coast.


Mr Higgins showing us the long Raglan peel.