Naish Wing Surfer


We are getting asked a lot for the new and exciting Wingsurfer and if there is a possibility to try them. Normally we are committed to long term rentals, but as this is such a cool toy and lots of people wanna try them, we decided to offer a short term rental opportunity. The price of $150.- is for a whole day, half day would be $100.-

We expect to have a couple of them available mid to end of July 2019. Please get in touch if you wanna give it a go. We are happy to create a waiting list and contact you once we have them and there is some wind.


Introducing the Naish WING-SURFER

The Wing-Surfer is the ultimate handheld inflatable surfing wing. It’s a cross between a windsurfing sail and kiteboarding kite but with no rigging, no hardware, and no strings attached! Easy and quick inflated, it is a great tool for the whole family. With only 4m2 it is very light but provides enough power for light wind cruising on a paddleboard or go foiling with it from 12 knts up.

It packs up in a small backpack and fits in any car or travel bag.

Who is it for?

Boardriders of all kinds looking for a new wind-powered thrill.

What’s it do?

By harnessing the wind the Wing-Surfer lets you transform your stand up paddleboard or SUP foil board into a whole new riding experience.


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