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AXIS ART PRO 1401 Release Axis ART Pro

AXIS ART PRO 1401 Release

AXIS ART PRO 1401 Release The ART PRO 1401, really challenges the phrases, Bumps too small to go out… or, There’s not enough wind to get going…Designed as a small-bump down-wind machine, the ART PRO 1401 excels in low-energy swells and light wind conditions. Opening up wing foiling in very light conditions, the ART PRO 1401 is really fast, barely slower […]

AXIS PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon Masts Axis Ultra High Modulus Mast

AXIS PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon Masts

AXIS PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon Masts Affectionately named the ‘dogleg’ by the test team, the PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon is quite a departure from the industry’s more conventional masts.  Building on the impressive performance and stiffness of our existing Carbon mast program, the PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon boasts an unbelievable 55% increase […]

AXIS Spitfire Range Released AXIS Spitfire Range

AXIS Spitfire Range Released

https://youtu.be/qnW7MIKrDC8&origin=https://waternomads.co.nz AXIS Spitfire Range Released Imagine a dedicated surf foiling wing, that lets you foil waves like a surfer would. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been dreaming of an effortless turning wing, that inspires confidence when dropping in, that has a gentle, predictable easy lift up onto foil. A foil that not only handles breaches […]