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Review of the AXIS Foils Spitfire AXIS Spitfire lineup

Review of the AXIS Foils Spitfire

https://youtu.be/qnW7MIKrDC8&origin=https://waternomads.co.nz Review of the AXIS Foils Spitfire We are super excited to introduce the AXIS Spitfire to our fleet. Are you ready to take your foiling experience to the next level? Look no further than the AXIS Spitfire, the ultimate surf foiling wing that will revolutionize your time on the water. As a foil rental […]

AXIS Spitfire Range Released AXIS Spitfire Range

AXIS Spitfire Range Released

https://youtu.be/qnW7MIKrDC8&origin=https://waternomads.co.nz AXIS Spitfire Range Released Imagine a dedicated surf foiling wing, that lets you foil waves like a surfer would. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been dreaming of an effortless turning wing, that inspires confidence when dropping in, that has a gentle, predictable easy lift up onto foil. A foil that not only handles breaches […]