Water Nomads Tonga Expedition

Water Nomads | Wind and Wave Expedition

Water Nomads are proud to announce the first international Surfari Trip – Tonga!

The Wind and Waves Expedition Trip is an action packed 14 days, half on the Whale Discoveries catamaran ‘Wildlife’, and the other half at Kitesurf Tonga Resort in the Ha’apai group of islands, Uoleva Island. Wingsurfing, Kitesurfing, even Windsurfing.

No matter whether you are looking for the wind or the waves there is something to be found for everyone during your South Pacific expedition. The steady Tradewinds in Tonga offer a magnificent playground for all disciplines of watersports lovers.
Ha’apai offers a world class watersports location – steady wind, butter flat water, reef wave riding, outer reef passes and safe lagoons for trying out new toys and to top it all – no crowds!
Uoleva Island has a 300m sandbar at the tip which stretches over to Lifuka. There are 2 sides to play, the leeward sea side and a massive flat water lagoon about six kilometers long on the windward side, which gives us loads of room to play. Whether your learning a cool new move or gaining knowledge on how to ride waves, the aqua water with smooth wind is going to be your best friend. You will always have the backup of knowledgeable and experienced staff to keep you safe.

Book now for 2 May to 16 May 2023.