Multiple Windsurfers on waves in Taranaki, New Zealand


Trip Report

The tension was high, the promised weather could not be better! Wednesday 23rd October, Water Nomads windsurfers descended on Oakura, Taranaki. And holly, the swell was huge…

A returning friend from Australia for the TWC reported various attempts to get on the water, including ‘crushers’, only to get crushed…  Having a sniff about the area it was decided to save our energy for Thursday 24th. Waitara looked like it would be the place to be.

The Water Nomads team arrived in our fabulous accommodation, almost across the road to the Oakura beach surf club with amazing views down the bay to Ahu’s break. Derek, David, Rhys, and our other David, settled quickly and our chief (local windsurfer) Katrin of Mint Lunches delivers our evening meal. This, with a beverage or two, chatter ensued on the promised days sailing.

Water Nomads TWC Warm-Up Trip is an opportunity to join a windsurfing group a couple days before the 2019 Taranaki Wave Classic. An opportunity for you to venture into places you have not windsurfed, and make new friends; or you are just after like minded company and a hassle free trip. Everything is catered for: accommodation, food (breakfast, dinner and lunches) and weather / location recommendations. The moto: come a stranger, leave a friend.

Thursday Morning, the perfect slow start… Waitara is lining up to be perfect, moderate logo high sets with the perfect cross off wind direction. The tide meant it would be a post lunch afternoon on the water. A slow continental breakfast was had, bottomless coffee flowed and the chatter continued. Mint Lunches delivered the days healthy wholefood lunch for everyone. Jill and Richard joined us in Waitara and everyone was eagerly hitting the water. By mid-afternoon everyone was on their smallest gear.

Our final night was enjoyed in Oakura with a superb curry provided by Mint Lunches and fine wine. Tomorrow promises similar Waitara conditions, slightly less swell and more wind! With the current tide, a pleasant slow breakfast again would be on the table…

Friday 25th, Waitara, David, Derek and Rhys took the opportunity for some technical lessons. Local windsurf instructor Spencer, and Auckland Windsurf School instructor Pete. David, Derek and Rhys were chomping at the bit to get out there and test their new skills. Pete also had a keen group new to wave sailing from his Auckland Windsurfing School. It was great to see the energy and vibe, and the TWC hadn’t even started yet!

Waitara was being a bit hit and miss early on Friday afternoon, cloudy, and no matter how long you studied it, you’ll pick the wrong sail. By mid-afternoon, the cloud broke, and the sea breeze soon to followed. So much so that by late afternoon it was nuking out back, and you can see the grins were broad in spite of the shrinking swell conditions. 

What a way to end the warm-up! Then the 2019 Taranaki Wave Classic began…

Water Nomads would like to congratulate Pete Sewell for winning the Water Nomads Taranaki Wave Classic prize for a weekend trip to the value of $500!

Our next trip returns to stunning Taranaki on the 6th-8th December, our pre-Xmas Escape weekend, message us for more details… For more on Water Nomads Trips, check out our Surfari Trips.

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