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Wingfoil Windsurf Surf Centre

Hire the latest wingfoil, surf, foil and windsurf equipment from Starboard, Severne Windsurfing, NSP Surfboards, PPC wings & boards and AXIS foils & boards.

Do you want to have an unforgettable experience travelling here in Aotearoa New Zealand? We would love to share our beautiful backyard with you! If you want to pursue your passion of watersports down-under, we are here to help you. With airline luggage restrictions getting tighter, excess baggage fees becoming more expensive and the risk of damage en-route, you no longer need to take your precious boards and rigs in the plane, and in general just feel like a packhorse during your trip. You can just rent everything you need from us for your whole stay, no strings attached. From a week through to a few months, just travel with it – there are no limits to your trip! Tips on weather conditions and spots where to go are included in your rental of course. 

Water Nomads – taking the pain out of the plane!

A great service to save you traveling with your gear. I rented foiling equipment from Water Nomads during my recent 5 week campervan trip in New Zealand. They even accommodated us picking up the gear in South island and dropping off on the North Island. Heidi & Bevan were very responsive and extremely helpful with spot suggestions, weather advice, and other travel tips. Highly recommend!

FAQ | Watersports Rental

When you choose one of our Wingfoil Rentals, Windsurf Rentals or Surfboard Rentals you’ll enjoy the premium global brands supported by Water Nomads: Severne Windsurfing, Starboard Windsurfing, PPC Foiling, Axis Foils and NSP Surfboards.

We are not a windsurf or surf school, thus all our Watersports Rental equipment is orientated toward intermediate / advanced / pro riders. Our performance based equipment is kept in top condition and we maintain current models as you would use at home, possibly even better! We do have some legacy equipment available that remain timeless (available on request). 

You have made the decision and are ready to go. Click the “Enquire Now” or “Contact Us” buttons, let us know what equipment you are looking for and what equipment you currently ride, advise when you are intending to travel and for how long you wish to travel with the equipment. Advise any specific requirements you may have (harness, soft roof rack for a rental car, etc). We will guide you through the specifics of your booking to the confirmation and request of payment. 

For domestic payments, NZ bank transfer is the best for us, but you can also pay by credit card (fee may apply – via Stripe) or cash by arrangement.

For international payments, we will send you a secure credit card payment request by email through Stripe (3.5% fee applies). If your preference is via international bank transfer, please Contact Us and we can help you work out the best options (NB you must cover any local bank transaction fees).

Yes, all taxes are included. The price you see is the price you pay. 

The more time we have the better we will be able to service your requirements. New Zealand is not this small Island nation as imagined, and is very long and spread out. In contrast, the population outside of Auckland is small so logistics can be a challenge in short notice.


The best thing to do is work with us in your planning, and confirm your pickup and drop-off locations with us early. Realistically it can take 3-4 weeks to move a board around, so last minute expectations will unlikely be met.

All boards come with bag and fin(s), all sails with matching high carbon content mast and good quality aluminium boom, incl. harness lines. Foils include foil covers, surfboards, wingboards and wings have leashes included. 

For standard usage you shouldn’t have any out-of-pocket expenses while you are away. 

See our Terms and Conditions for details.

Our Watersport Rentals are offered with an optional opt-in damage insurance.

We highly recommend you have comprehensive travel insurance to cover you for the activity you intend on participating in as well as cover for any lost or stolen equipment.

See our Terms and Conditions for more details.

Yes, you can bring your own foil, wing, sails etc, and then hire just the windsurf board / wingboard only, as this is generally the most challenging / expensive item to carry on the plane. 

We are not a classic rental centre at a specific beach location. As a New Zealand wide “centre” we provide flexibility by being able to cater for your arrival and departure locations as good reference points to arrange pick-up and drop-off.

With enough notice we can arrange for the equipment to be in any main centre in New Zealand. Contact Us to discuss your intended itinerary.

If you require different pickup and drop-off locations, this may incur a oneway transportation fee.

Yes, you can! Please get in touch with us prior to the Surfari Trip so we can make sure you can book in.

This is a fabulous way to discover and get the best out of your Watersports Rental, meet like-minded people and learn about great new places to sail.

Sorry, we are not set up with beginners gear. However if you consider yourself advancing toward intermediate level and can demonstrate a certain level of competence, we can certainly cater for you. Please advise honestly when you’re booking so we can ensure your experience is not disappointing. 

No, we currently don’t teach or instruct wingsurfing, wingfoiling, windsurfing or surfing. If you are starting out on your journey in to one of these Watersports, awesome! We can direct you to the nearest school that will get you on the life changing journey we all enjoy so much.

For intermediate customers, we can help you with tips and advise about the most appropriate spots and conditions throughout your rental depending on your skill set. 

No, your rental booking will happen regardless of the forecast. After all, a forecast is just a forecast, it will likely change. Here in New Zealand we have the saying: If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes.

See our Terms and Conditions for details.

Our Watersports Rental equipment is constantly being booked out, so the best option is to Contact Us with your itinerary and equipment needs and we will advise the options best suited you that will be available.

Yes, you can return the Wingfoil, Windsurf or Surfboard equipment to the intended drop-off location early. NB you won’t be reimbursed for any portion of the rental unused.

There is a huge variety of brands, styles and sizes out there. We pride ourselves on industry knowledge to match what you ride with the brand, type and size we support here in New Zealand.

The short answer is all year round! New Zealand is “sub-tropical” in climate, surrounded by oceans it remains temperate year round. Note however, New Zealand is not a small island and the further south you go the cooler it gets.

Generally for wind sports, Spring provides the most consistent reliable wind conditions. Autumn (fall) is generally the most settled or calm. Summer will offer excellent thermal winds, and finally winter can just be wild.