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Windsurf Wing-Foil Surf Centre

Water Nomads are New Zealands premium watersport centre and rental specialists. Join our legendary windsurf camps and wingsurf camps (we call them Surfari Trips), or explore New Zealand yourself and ride our premium windsurf rental and wingfoil equipment to hire.

Whether you want to explore New Zealands watersport paradise on your own or through one of our famous Surfari trips, we are the local experts and will help make your dream vacation become reality.

Surfari Trips

NZD $ 745.-
  • accommodation
  • all meals included
  • gear rental available

Join us, and spoil yourself with an all-inclusive watersport adventure. Whether you’re windsurfing, wingsurfing or wingfoiling our Surfari Trips are exactly what you need.

We carefully plan our windsurf and wingfoil trips to optimise local wind and water conditions, taking you to the best windsurf and wingfoil locations throughout New Zealand. Ensure you get the most out of your precious holidays by enjoying the stunning beauty of our coastline and lakes with a small group of like-minded people. You can either self-drive or fly-in to a Surfari Trip and take advantage of our Watersport Rental equipment at heavily discounted rates.

Water Nomads Surfari Trips offer an unforgettable vacation that will create lasting memories.

Watersport Rentals

NZD $ 16.- / day
  • wingfoil rental
  • windsurf rental
  • surfboard rental

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility of our watersport rental service.

Regardless if you’re a seasoned pro or progressing intermediate rider, hire the perfect surf, windsurf, wingsurf and wingfoiling equipment for you. Unlike your traditional windsurf centre, we don’t restrict you to a specific spot. You have the complete freedom to roam the whole country with our premium long-term rental plans. Whether you surf, windsurf, wingsurf or foil, we have the latest boards, foils and equipment ready for you.  Hire the latest from world leading brands including Severne Windsurfing, Starboard Windsurfing, PPC Wings, AXIS Foils and Wing-boards, or grab one of our NSP surfboards.

Leave the hassle and risk of traveling with your own equipment behind – we’ve got you covered!

Start your watersports adventure now! Click the buttons above to explore our Surf, Windsurf and Wingfoil rental options or discover more about our legendary Surfari trips. Get ready to create memories that will last a lifetime with Water Nomads New Zealand.

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