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Water Nomads is New Zealand’s only premium water sports rental specialist.

Make it the trip of a lifetime and do what you love  – windsurf, surf, SUP your heart out in one of the best multi-sport locations in the world! Let us take the logistic hassle off your hands and provide you with premium hire gear, transport and rental resources – catered to your needs.

Get your hands on the latest SEVERNE, STARBOARD and CARBON ART windsurf equipment or rent an NSP surfboard and enjoy superb conditions without the hassle and risk of taking your own precious boards and rigs on a plane.

Take our modern freeride boards to uncrowded beaches and blast on flat-water around Auckland or the countless glassy lakes on the South Island with their breath-taking mountain backdrops. We also offer foilboards, so treat yourself even on low-wind days to taking in the world-renowned beauty of New Zealand. Or fight the elements in Wellington, one of the windiest cities in the world!  If you are an advanced wave sailor find beautiful waves in the Taranaki region on our multi-fin wave boards and wave SUPs.  

Hire one of our surfboards and shred world class point breaks or learn to surf on stunning sandy white beaches. 

Explore rugged coastlines on our rigid or inflatable SUPs and paddle to uninhabited islands in one of our seakayaks.

Furthermore, we offer guided windsurfing trips on selected dates to some of New Zealands best spots. Travel with a local, find the secret gems and never miss out on a session because you’re at the wrong spot for the conditions!

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"We are lucky to live in the most amazing country in the world!"

We would like to share our beautiful backyard with you and want you to have an unforgettable time here in New Zealand. If you want to pursue your passion of water sports down under, we are here to help you. You don’t need to take your precious board in the plane, potentially get it damaged, and in general just feel like a packhorse during your trip. You can just rent everything you need from us for your whole stay, no strings attached. Tips to where to go are included of course! If you want a bit more guidance to be sure you are on the best spot at the time, have a look at our organised trips. From self-driving to fully catered for, there is something for everyone and any budget!

Water Nomads Trips - Surfaris

We at Water Nomads offer a variety of windsurfing trips - 'Surfaris' - to cater for any skill level, any style and any budget.

We have 3 different styles of trips in our program: Fixed date Surfari, Flexible Custom Surfari, and Self-driving trips

Fixed date organised trips: These are our signature trips and happen on various dates throughout the year to selected locations. We focus on a boutique style trip with only a small group of customers. Come as a stranger – leave as a friend. There is always a good banter going on, lots of laughter and usually plenty of water time (we aim to go windsurfing, but if there is no wind, why not take the SUP or surfboard out?). We know the local areas and can show you all the hidden secrets on and off the water. Check the individual trips for dates, pricing and what is included.

Flexible custom trips: Those trips are private trips for you and your friends / family. We customise them to your specific needs and wants. Be it a weekend trip or longer, on a budget or super luxury, we make sure you get exactly what you dreamed off and more. The only thing we cannot control is the weather…..

Self-driving trips: Tell us what you are after, and we can set up an itinerary for you. Those trips are highly customised and we can include or exclude whatever your desire and budget. From only a daily weather and spot info reports to pre-booked accommodation and recommended dinner places, we offer the package that suits you.  

Awesome people, awesome trip, awesome food. H & B are meticulous planners, so you can get on and enjoy your trip. Knowledgeable, friendly, entertaining and solid, reliable people you’ll enjoy hanging out with. If you value using top notch equipment alongside access to NZ-wide (superb) local knowledge, i’d definitely recommend you check out Water Nomads for quality, modern gear hire, and watersports trips in Aotearoa/nz.

David B.

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Water Nomads Gear Rental

Yes, we are gear snobs here at Water Nomads, therefore we won’t rent anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves. We believe you get more out of what you are doing if your kit is the bomb!

Renting windsurfing equipment outside of Auckland is next to impossible. You'd be relying on the generosity of locals or the odd shop to hire out their private equipment. Same goes for SUP or surfboards. If you want to take them with you and surf elsewhere you're stuck. 


That’s where Water Nomads come in. 

We have the latest windsurfing gear from Starboard, Severne and Carbon Art as well as a good range of NSP surfboards in our rental fleet. Prices vary, depending how long you are renting and what exactly you’re after. 

How does it work? 

1.  All our rentals are tailored to your needs.  To help you find the right equipment, please get in touch with us and tell us about your plans. 

2.  We organise all desired equipment for you here in New Zealand.

3.  You just get here, pick it up, take it with you on your trip for unlimited use and have the best time!

Have the time of your life travelling New Zealand – we've got all your needs covered!