Woman repairing the nose of a windsurf board


Our Story

Premium performance boards built to be cutting edge - light, fast and responsive.

Small bumps and bruises happen to all of us, we pick ourselves up and we keep going. The boards on the other hand, will suffer quickly if their bruises are not attended too.  Here at Water Nomads we not only provide you will the best gear on the market, we also ensure you get it in the best condition.

There is a lot of work keeping a small business going. Be it marketing with the website, social media; keeping on top of the books; or ensuring customers get the best equipment and latest information.

There is one aspect many people do not realise that is just as important to us as the above…  Although it soaks up a lot of time, detailed board maintenance is a crucial part of offering premium gear rental…

We are all familiar with surf school boards; big, tough, naturally designed to take the riggers of over-exuberance and more often than not, over-confidence. As students realise the thrill of surfing and windsurfing and the boards suffer… I’m sure you remember more than one tumble!

Heidi loves the boards, and she loves ensuring they are in the best condition.  Not only to look good, but to perform how they were intended… Together with guru boat builder and mentor George Jakich; you can trust our boards are ready for another workout on the water!

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