Auckland under Lockdown in New Zealand


Story about learning

A good 4 weeks ago we saw ourselves confronted with unprecedented lockdown in New Zealand due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic.

Not knowing what to expect, we were glad we got that one last windsurf session the day before it was announced. We then settled in for an interesting social experiment. New Zealand’s lockdown turned out to be actually pretty productive for us. Now, as we finally had time and no excuse 🙂

The first two weeks of being grounded, we decided to re-organised our storage space. Over the last months, we accrued a fair bit more gear! Not so easily fitting in our garage. A lot of our personal gear ended up living permanently in our van, partly because we used it so much, but partly also because there was a lack of storage….. We also used the time to look at all those little maintenance jobs that you normally put off because you’re too busy and they are not that important. I guess you know what I’m talking about. 

Both of us are normally pretty active, and we enjoy being out and about. Not having the water as a playground available made us aware how much we miss it and how much we miss that easy way of exercising. Surfing or windsurfing never feels like exercise. Probably because it is so much fun, you forget that it’s hard work. I bet you all had “just that last run, that last wave”, and an hour later you’re still on the water! You realise you’re tired at the end of your session when you nearly fall asleep over dinner 😉

So we needed to find a way to compensate for that lack of activity. Not just to fight the cabin fever, but also to stop us from becoming a fat unfit blob. Making the most of the stunning calm weather, we took the road bikes out (yes, lycra twats 😉 ) for a few spins around the block, keeping it local and discovering areas we haven’t been to before. Mix that up with some days of yoga or PP Jutras windsurf specific training makes you sleep well at night. I reckon we should be fit enough to hit the water again as soon as we are allowed!

Last week we had a week of torture. Windy everyday! To keep ourselves distracted we dived deep into sprouting up our website. Check it out! Given that we’re not webdesigners or anything similar, we are pretty happy with it. If you discover any flaws in it, let us know so we can fix them.

Now we only have a few more days to go before the lockdown from Level 4 gets lifted to Level 3. Not that much will change for us. Except, we are allowed back out on the water, and of course that means that we can also rent gear out again! Contactless of course 🙂

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