2020 Severne Sails

Severne Sails 2020 - The Future is Here!

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Water Nomads have received their first shipment of 2020 Severne Sails, and they are looking amazing.

In fact Heidi has already gotten the 3.7 and 4.2 Blade wet and is loving them. That 4.2 in white looks sooooo sharp! Heidi also gave the 2020 4.0 S-1 a first short blast on an extremely windy day. She was impressed how light weight it is and how it handled the over-powered conditions. The sweet spot wasn’t moving despite the challenging conditions.

For the first time we have expanded our range to include the powerful S-1’s. Here is what Severne say “The S-1 is a high performance 4 batten wave sail. A reduced batten count makes this sail light, flexible and responsive. Less structural rigidity gives the rig a bigger sweet-spot, and allows the sail to auto-correct during wave-riding by giving the draft just enough movement to ensure constant power delivery.”.  And we are total with them.

If your intent is to wave sail in Taranaki, these are the ones you want to focus on.

New Zealand has a broad spectrum of conditions. What will be your go-to? You don’t know what will happen day to day let alone hour by hour? This is where we have found the Severne Blade extremely satisfying, super stable and dependable no matter what. “The 020 Blade is a 5 batten wave sail with the perfect blend of power and control.

For riders demanding dependable performance across a wide wind range, you simply can’t beat the stability and control that 5 battens provide. Based on this fundamental we built the Blade to be the ultimate all-rounder wave sail.”

And wave sailing not your thing? Never fear! We have landed the latest Gator Freeride sails. So versatile this is naturally Bevan’s go-to rig for Auckland harbour blasting. “From lightwind freeriding to high-wind blasting, the Gator is the sail to maximise your stoke EVERY session. Freeride windsurfing is all about blasting around at speed and being able to change direction at will. With that in mind we’ve designed the Gator to get you up and planing earlier, and when the wind picks up keep you in control longer.”

Confused? Don’t worry, that’s what we are here for! Water Nomads will tailor what you need to achieve what you want, be that hard core waves to cruisy harbour blasts.

Severne Sails coupled with our top of the line performance boards: Severne and Starboard. What more could you want?!

Everyone has their own desire and expectation. We aim to fulfil that the best we can!

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