Sowing the seeds…

Water Nomads Dream

Giving the big city of Auckland a crack the last years has been good to us, great harbours and coastlines with many coastal islands to play in.  Surfing, windsurfing, sup and kayak adventures are endless here.  Yet we feel it is coming to a time for a new scene.  And as our passion toward water sports and windsurfing is at the forefront, the region of Taranaki seems all too obvious.

Lowe and behold, after many trips including our new Surfari journeys, we find a nest right in the middle of one of the countries best surf breaks, Kumara patch; and between the best wave sailing spots that have found notoriety worldwide, Weld, Kina and Punga’s no less.  What better place for Water Nomads to develop further.

Nestled amongst dairy paddocks and a stone’s throw from the wild Taranaki coast our prospective new home can be framed in front of the iconic volcanic mountain that is Mt. Taranaki.  A huge national park playground of hiking and mountain climbing, with rugged coastal beaches of black sands to fin eating boulders.  Alias for the moment, we continue in Auckland as we rent this paradise home to a young family.

In the mean time we dream, and plan…

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