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Launch Your Dream Kiwi Holiday

Customise Your Wingfoil & Windsurf Vacation.

Dreaming of a trip with your wingfoil, windfoil and/or windsurf buddies? Water Nomads Custom Surfari Trips take you to a new spot where you can focus purely on your water sport!

Maybe it is few days on the water during your holiday of a lifetime in New Zealand. Or the very holiday you are looking for, where you barely need to lift a planning finger.

We offer personalised custom tailored wing-foil, wind-foil and/or windsurf camps to a variety of destinations. Contact us with your dreams, and see what we can make happen.

Our surfari’s are all inclusive, meaning you don’t need to do a thing except book the trip.

  • USD $ POA
  • EUR € POA

Quality accommodation

Provided to your specifications.


Fully catered throughout your stay - Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner.

Local knowledge

We ensure you will be at the right spot at the right time.

Fly in?

We offer gear hire of the latest premium equipment.

Self-drive or Shuttle

Shuttle is an option if you seek to fly-in.


Professional photos taken of you on the water.

What you want to know

Enquire Now and begin planning your next adventure!

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  • $POA NZD Price on application.

Personalised trips tailored to match your expectations.

  • $POA NZD  Price on application.

What you need to know

  • basic though to luxury accommodation
  • transport to suit your needs
  • sailing location advice
  • weather conditions advice
  • professional photographer
  • continental breakfast
  • lunch individually packed
  • dinner catered to your needs
  • your own transport to get to and from the spots unless you fly in and opt for shuttle transport.
  • your own equipment unless you prefer traveling light and hire our premium gear.
  • This trip is suitable for intermediate to expert wingfoil, windfoil and windsurfer (please note: we do not currently offer lessons or tuition).
  • Due to the nature of the sailing locations, we can usually find sheltered areas for less skilled riders. At the same time, more experienced people can be out blasting and playing in the rolling swells and waves. We will point you to the best spot for your skill level. 

What to expect

You are taken on a fully catered windsurfing / winging adventure for a duration and location of your choosing. You can also pick from our standard trips and customise to suit your dream holiday. The timing of our trips are tailored to the ideal weather conditions, maximising your water time, we can guide you on the choices.

is booked according to your specific needs and offers plenty of room for everyone to hang out.

It starts with a continental breakfast, locally baked breads and fresh coffee brewed (or tea!).

A hearty lunch is individually packed to allow you freedom to roam.

The day finishes with a wholesome meal followed by desert and a lot of tall stories!

taking professional action shots of you on the water which are available to purchase at discounted rates.

We respect your independence throughout the surfari so self-drive is often preferred. However if you are flying in you may opt for our shuttle service to and from the main airport closest to the surfari location, and daily shuttles to and from your accommodation and the sailing spots.

You are provided with spot location, weather condition advice, and we maintain contact with you even if you choose an alternate location to explore. You are not treated like a school group nor do we guide your every movement. We ensure you are at the right place at the right time. It is however ultimately your judgement on your ability to sail in the presented conditions.

Where can you sail

Aotearoa New Zealand has 16,000km of coastline, from stunning long sand beaches to wild rugged rocky stretches. There is a myriad of lakes to choose from in some of the worlds most stunning back drops. Whether you seek flat waters for freeriding or speed running, or rolling swell chasing, or epic wave breaks, we will help you find it.

Well known for its beautiful foiling and freeride conditions with its unbelievable clear water. Waves and swell riding can be found in stunning remote beaches. This is one of the best off season (winter) locations as it is the ‘Winterless North’, mild water and air temperatures and the wind conditions are reliable.

New Zealand’s legendary wave mecca with 270° of open coastline to the Tasman Sea and Southern Ocean swells. With breaks that can find nearly any wind direction it rates as one of the best windsurfing locations in the world, offering genuine cross-off conditions.

Incredible foiling, be it wing-foil, wind-foil or classic windsurfing, the lakes offer pristine deep blue waters with regular summer thermal wind conditions. The water state can be buttery flat to long rolling swells, making speed runs, swell riding or down-winding all available in the preverbal stones throw…

Rarely ventured to other than by the small local windsurf and wing foil communities. The Southern Ocean wave riding scene is there to be explored. Colac Bay, Monkey Island all resinate in wave-riding folk law. Ideal for storm hunters!

Our Reviews

The Water Nomads rock. Heidi and Bevan are super mellow cats but they really know their stuff. They are unassuming and authentic folk who will just quietly and confidently make sure you have a great time on and off the water. Both are incredibly well informed, low key operators whose life is based around prowling our amazing coast line and waterways and their combined local knowledge and nous will ensure you are on the right gear at the right spot on the right day. That sort of guidance is invaluable. Plus Bevan takes stunning photos. They aren't in this game to get rich, they are in it to enrich the lives of others. The Water Nomads will ease your path to transcendental times on the water.

Frequently Asked Questions

You set the itinerary, you tell us what you would like to happen when, and we will endeavour to move heaven and earth. We are also here to help with spotguide, weather forecasting, so no stone is left un-turned.

Contact us now and lets start planning!

A Surfari group size is generally limited to 6 guests. But a Custom Surfari we can cater purely for one, or a couple, a pair of friends or more. You get to choose.

This greatly depends on where and when you would like to have your Surfari. Wind and waves are at their best generally in springtime. Early summer provides many superb thermal breezes. Winter can be cold and wild in many places, but is surprisingly pleasant in the very North of the country (Northland).

Again, this depends greatly on when and where you wish to have your Custom Surfari. Spring, Summer through Autumn you can be comfortable in most places in a 4/3 or 3/2 wetsuit. Winter in the South Island can be bracing though (suggest 5/3 with hood and booties). 

Most of New Zealand is reasonably reliable with wind conditions, often it is just a matter of knowing where to be at the right time. This is where Water Nomads adds the greatest value to anyone with limited time and limited local weather knowledge.

New Zealand doesn’t experience trade winds, the climate is frontal driven additional with thermal blows where temperatures climb inland verse the cooler coast.

We can arrange a Custom Surfari literally anywhere in New Zealand. The country is your oyster, just talk to us with what your dream is, and we will see to making it a reality! The only limitation is that it doesn’t clash with our preplanned Surfari Trips.


This is the tricky question, we will easily put together a price that will meet your adventure exceptions. The largest expenses are the accommodation, food and transport. Naturally in a group much of these costs become shared amongst the participants.

If you are seeking that personalised touch, this is the trip of a lifetime… then the Custom Surfari is for you!

Got more questions? Try our Surfari Trips Frequently Asked Questions: