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Wingfoil and Windsurf in Style

Northland Foiling & Windsurfing Retreat

Treat yourself and your loved ones to a well-earned luxury four night Wingfoil, Windfoil or Windsurf Retreat in the “Winterless North”.

Mild temperatures and reliable wind conditions make Doubtless Bay and the Karikari Peninsula the perfect destination during New Zealand’s colder months. White sandy beaches and crystal clear water provide fantastic watersports opportunities in any wind direction and for most skill levels.

Non-waterport partners will love the beach front accommodation, enjoying a walk on the beach or just relax with a good book in front of the fire.

NZD $ 7995.- / up to 4
  • USD $ 4995.-
  • EUR € 4595.-

4 nights luxury accommodation

Premium beachfront home in Coopers Beach - Limited to 8 guests.


Fully catered throughout your stay - Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner.

Local knowledge

We ensure you will be at the right spot at the right time.


In-house yoga sessions are included.


Professional photos taken of you on the water included.

Fly in?

We offer gear hire of the latest premium equipment.

What you want to know

Discover the Surfari Trip Dates currently available, your package pricing options, and if you’re looking to travel light, the rental options.

2024 Season

  • Dates are available from June – September – Enquire Now to book your date.

2025 Season

  • Dates are available from June – September – Enquire Now to book your date.

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  • $7995 NZD for up to 4 guests
  • $500 NZD per additional guest (maximum 4)
  • $195 NZD  for all gear required for 3 days (if required by prior arrangement).

What you need to know

Explore everything that is included in the Surfari Trip package, what you need to bring with you, and what skill level you need to be at.

  • 4 nights luxury beachfront accommodation.
  • 3 fantastic days in paradise!
  • sailing location knowledge and advice.
  • weather conditions knowledge and advice.
  • 4 x continental breakfast.
  • 3 x individually packed picnic lunches.
  • 3 x dinners and deserts with complimentary glass of wine (not on first night).
  • 3 x in-house yoga sessions in the mornings
  • your own transport to get to and from the spots.
  • your own equipment (unless prior arranged with us).
  • your own drink for the day (we recommend at least a bottle of water).
  • This trip is suitable for intermediate to expert wingfoil, windfoil and windsurfer (please note: we currently do not offer lessons or tuition).
  • Due to the nature of the sailing locations, we can usually find sheltered areas for less experienced people. At the same time, more experienced people can be out blasting and playing in the rolling swells and waves. We will point you to the best spot for your skill level. 
  • For keen surfers: The world famous break of Ahipara / Shipwreck Bay is only a 50 minutes drive from our accommodation!

What to expect

You are taken on a luxury 4 nights / three day fully catered windsurfing / winging retreat in the Far North. The timing of our trips are tailored to the ideal weather conditions, maximising your water time.

Premium luxury beachfront accommodation, featuring 4 generous double bedrooms, each of them with their own ensuite as well as 2 rooms with 4 single beds each. 

3 lounges (2 of them with a fireplace) and a big central courtyard (also with a fireplace) offer plenty of space to hang out and soak up the stunning views. 

It starts with a continental breakfast, locally baked breads and freshly brewed coffee (or tea!).

A hearty lunch is individually packed to allow you freedom to roam.

The day finishes with a wholesome meal followed by desert and a lot of tall stories!

We take professional action shots of you on the water which are available to purchase at discounted rates.

We respect your independence throughout the sufari so you are provided with a hearty lunch individually packed each day.

We provide you with spot location, weather condition advice, and we maintain contact with you even if you choose an alternate location to explore. We do not treat you like a school group nor guide your every movement. We ensure you are at the right place at the right time. It is however ultimately your judgement on your ability to sail in the presented conditions.

Day 1: Arrive any time after 4pm, get settled in your beautiful accommodation. No further plans for this first night, as people might arrive late

Day 2, 3 and 4: Wake up to an in-house yoga session, followed by breakfast. Sail your heart out all day, grab lunch on the beach if you want, before returning for dinner at our accommodation

Day 5: Departure day after a continental breakfast (no yoga on departure day)

Where can you sail

The Karikari Pensinsula offers a variety of great spots for freeriding, foiling, speed runs, winging and wavesailing in many different conditions. No matter which direction the wind blows.

Well known for its beautiful foiling and freeride conditions with its unbelievable clear water. There is an awesome speed-run if the tide and wind direction are right and you want to test you and your gear!

A long, curved, sandy beach that can get nice waves in Easterlies. It’s very forgiving and perfect for your first steps wavesailing. The top end is usually fairly sheltered from wind and waves, whereas the southern end can get pretty big and wild. You can choose!

Right outside our accommodation you find Coopers Beach. Rig on the lawn and walk down a few steps to the golden sandy beach. Coopers offers excellent foiling and freeride conditions and can also produce beautiful rolling swells. 

Our Reviews

The Water Nomads rock. Heidi and Bevan are super mellow cats but they really know their stuff. They are unassuming and authentic folk who will just quietly and confidently make sure you have a great time on and off the water. Both are incredibly well informed, low key operators whose life is based around prowling our amazing coast line and waterways and their combined local knowledge and nous will ensure you are on the right gear at the right spot on the right day. That sort of guidance is invaluable. Plus Bevan takes stunning photos. They aren't in this game to get rich, they are in it to enrich the lives of others. The Water Nomads will ease your path to transcendental times on the water.

Doubtless Bay Wind History

Frequently Asked Questions

Due to its latitude and low elevation, Northland has the country’s highest average annual temperature. In winter (during our Northland Surfari Trips), the maximum day temperatures vary between 13 °C and 19 °C though it often feels warmer in the sun and shorts and t-shirts are not uncommon.

The average sea temperature of Doubtless Bay in June & July is approximately 16 °C.

For comparison, it is much the same as Christchurch summer sea temperatures. 

In the winter months of June and July the wind is reasonably reliable with ~10-20 knots (see chart below). As a rule of thumb you will either be experiencing a Westerly frontal system or an Easterly frontal system. If there is a day of light conditions, there is always a surf/SUP-surf possibility on either the west coast or east coast.

Due to the nature of the peninsula, you can find differing wind conditions and water states to suit everyones expectations. Tokerau Beach at one end can have good swell and strong wind, while the other end is flat water with lighter wind.

Our Northland Surfari Trip does not include sailing in Bay of Islands. The Bay of Islands access can be difficult with long windy travelling times; and due to the steep access to the Bays, gusty wind conditions.

The Karikari Peninsula being low lying and open to near all wind directions offers the best opportunity to get wind maximising your water time.

The group size is limited to 6 guests. All guests are expected to have an intermediate to expert proficiency, we do not cater for beginners or offer lessons.

The journey from Auckland Airport to Coopers Beach is 330km which is 4 hours 15 minutes drive time. There are various sailing opportunities on the journey up if the wind is favourable, and you have the time. We are happy to assist with weather and spots to check on the way.

In addition, there is a regional airport in Kerikeri which is only 65km to Coopers Beach (under 1 hour drive), rental cars are available, along with Watersports Gear Rental from Water Nomads.

Got more questions? Try our Surfari Trips Frequently Asked Questions: