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Are you starting out on your wing-foiling or just keen on nice flat water to improve your skills?

Here is our pick of 5 great flatwater spots in New Zealand. Wing friendly entry, deep water without walking for miles, with steady wind.

Rangiputa (Northland):

Rangiputa on the Karikari Peninsula in Northland is one of our favourite spots for many reasons. One of them is the nice flat water which makes learning just so easy. Being in Northland, it’s reasonably warm all year round and you can happily wing there in the middle of winter in a 4/3 wetsuit. In effect, winter is one of the most reliable seasons for wind! Come and join us on our Northland Surfari if you want an introduction to the whole area.

Rangiputa, Northland
White sandy beach and crystal clear water in Rangiputa


New Zealands biggest city with its countless beaches and bays offers a flatwater spot in a range of conditions.

You will usually find people on the water in Point Chev. A bit of a long slog at low tide, but the bonus is it works in nearly any wind direction (except for E-SE, which doesn’t really happen in Auckland anyway). Any wind from the South to Southwest offers perfect flat water for winging. Auckland Windsurfing offers lessons and Brian at the NZ Boardstore can sort you with gear.

Lake Pupuke on the Northshore is very popular for foiling and can get crowded at times. Though the freshwater lake is not big and winds are often gusty, it has the advantage that it is always high tide and you can’t get lost on it. Need some lessons? Madloop Windsurfing is based right at the waters edge. Down the road in Takapuna Sam from NZ Foilcenter has a huge selection of anything related to foiling.

Other wingsurf spots to mention in Auckland are Bucklands Beach, Manly, and the mighty Manukau Harbour,…..


Raglan Harbour offers plenty of flat water for winging. There is usually a good crowd of wingers and kitesurfers out there, making the most of the summer sea breezes and sharing a bevvy after the session. If you feel like more wave, just go out at the boatramp in Manu Bay and ride the swells.


Nelson, at the top of the South Island isn’t famous for a lot of wind. But that’s no problem when it comes to foiling, as the summer sea breezes are just what you want. Back Beach offers a sandy entry and plenty of space. If you prefer a bit of input into your winging, go and see Tim and the crew at the Nelson Yachtclub, they not only teach boating but also wingsurfing and windsurfing.

Lake Clearwater:

An hour out of Christchurch, Lake Clearwater is situated at the eastern side of the Divide. It’s another favourite spot of ours. Apart from a small holiday settlement, there isn’t much around, so come prepared. Please note, dogs are not allowed in the area. The Easterly winds are nice and steady with beautiful flat water, the Northwester can blow crazy strong down from the mountains. A true Kiwi experience.

Lake Clearwater, New Zealand
Lake Clearwater

There are plenty more beautiful flatwater spots wing spots in New Zealand. Which ones are your favourite and why? Tell us in the comments!

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