Windsurfer on a wave in Taranaki, New Zealand


Trip Report

The first weekend of February 2019, New Plymouth, Taranaki, Aotearoa New Zealand…

The scene was set! A crew of four keen windsurfer’s joined Water Nomads – Heidi and Bevan for a weekend of forecast promising windsurf wave sailing.  From Auckland – Jill, Richard, Phillip and Wellington – David, we all descended on our classy accommodation in central New Plymouth.  Introductions over a quiet Friday evening beverage, everyone got to know each other.  Soon enough though, an early night was sort by all. Was it the travel, or building nerves?

Saturday: the house was superb, comfortable and spacious. In the dining room the Water Nomads crew rolled out a continental breakfast, and it wasn’t long before the freshly perked coffee was in hot demand! Would you like cinnamon on your cappuccino? The chatter was amped, forecasts repeatedly checked… soon expectations are realised, our sailing location is straight into the deep end – Pungarehu Road.

Arriving at the bay we found one local already demonstrating how it’s done here…  As the tide was still pretty full, we decided a quick tiki-tour to Kina Road for a look.  But the draw-back to Punga’s was all too strong, and soon the atmosphere was filling with anticipation as a great crew of enthusiastic locals arrive and welcome us, warm as ever.

The conditions were developing to “pretty full on” for our windsurf wave team, with 25+ knot gusts and logo high sets rolling through, but no one could stand in their way… It was looking spectacular, so Bevan got behind the lens and caught much of the action.

During the day, our lunch was provided by local windsurf wave queen and business owner Katrin Dau – Mint Lunches. Delivering a yummy healthy feed keeping us all sharp for the whole day!

The conditions never let up, but eventually everyone was toast! Even the photographer! Back at the house a well-earned dinner was again provided by Mint Lunches, the most scrumptious vegetarian lasagne and uber healthy fresh salad.  Funny moment – a sudden realisation the salad had been placed in the hot oven rather than the lasagne! Quick action in the kitchen saw the dishes exchanged. And with fabulous humour, we enjoyed a hot lasagne and a warm salad… Recounting blow by blow moves and dodged rocks, over fine wine soon found many a tired eye, and it was not long before everyone had retired for the evening.

Another hearty breakfast, bottomless cappuccino’s, the forecast was discussed. The wind was light, the previous days swell had dropped away. So Waitara Beach for a relaxing SUP surf in the warm summers sun.  And once again, we all enjoyed an amazing lunch prepared by Mint Lunches.

Watch out for our next Surfari Trips.

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