SunPoints – Our Loyalty Program

We like to reward our loyal customers. Hence we created "SunPoints". Find out how you can earn SunPoints and what you can do with them.

Earning SunPoints

  • SunPoints points can be earned on rentals and trips.
  • For every $25.- you spend, you earn 1 SunPoint. This can change at any time without notice. 
  • SunPoints can only be earned by booking directly with Water Nomads. Bookings made through third parties don’t qualify for SunPoints (i.e. Trademe, travel agencies,….)
  • SunPoints are being earned at the first day of the trip / rental, not the date of your booking. 

Spending SunPoints

  • SunPoints can be spend on trips, rentals and merchandise
  • 1 SunPoint = 1.-$
  • SunPoints are getting spend at the time of booking (invoice date).

Everything else you need to know about your SunPoints​

  • SunPoints are non-transferable
  • SunPoints are valid for 12 months from earning them. 
  • If a trip you were booked on and wanted to spend your SunPoints on gets cancelled, these points are valid until the next trip.
  • No cash pay-out for SunPoints, sorry. 
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