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Northland SUP Surf


Trip Report

Well, we must say, the forecast wasn’t favourable for this Surfari, with a low settling right on top of Northland. Being in the center of the storm, it was supposed to be absolutely windless and we feared this weekend would be a first: A whole Surfari without any wind! No!!!! But the last day proved us wrong. Though let me start at the beginning.

Thursday, our arrival day, showed some easterly wind with a fair bit of rainy showers in between. Regardless, all of our guests had taken the day off, hoping to score some conditions on the way to or up in Northland. Some even had their holidays extended from Wednesday on and scored some wind on various places on the way! As the conditions weren’t too inviting with blustery winds and some rain, most found themselves at our accommodation late afternoon. Old friends were met, new friends were made, and the Thai in Mangonui didn’t disappoint neither for our already traditional arrival-night dinner.

Friday morning greeted us with beautiful sunshine and not a breath of wind. The “Winterless North”! Fortunately everyone came prepared for that and there were some waves around. A morning surf in Coopers Beach, followed by lunch at Maitai Bay and another surf there. Gotta burn all that food off and earn dinner! Small but clean conditions in a pristine environment, shared only with our group of people.

Saturday looked much like the same. Nobody was in too much of a hurry to leave breakfast in the sun outside on the deck, with fantastic views over Doubtless Bay. Eventually, we moved. Taupo Bay was our destination for the day to find some more waves. The pictures speak for themselves I think…..

Not exactly what everyone came for, but still a whole lot of fun.

Sunday, our last day, greeted us with more sunshine. And the prospect of wind after midday. Alas, being a 4 hours drive back home to Auckland, some of our crew decided to leave in the morning after breakfast and find some wind on the way. They scored, but so did those that stayed. The wind came up after midday in Tokerau Beach. Jill and Richard volunteered as guinea-pigs to test out the wind, Heidi went out a bit later. It wasn’t super windy, but enough for a great wing-session and even for a short windsurf for Bevan late afternoon. So, after all, it wasn’t a Surfari without wind.

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  • Such an awesome trip – the lack of wind meant we went somewhere new, Maitai Bay and Taupo Bay for SUP surfing. It had been a while since I’d been SUP surfing but I still managed to catch a few beauties. It was great being able to borrow a board too, so I could go out while Jill was out.
    Once the wind finally arrived there were some good sets to ride at Tokerau Bay on the last day. Thanks for the photos and the morning coffees Bevan!
    Looking forward to doing it all again in a couple of days time.


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