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Windsurf and Wingfoil Spots in New Zealand

If we had to pick the Top 3 most beautiful windsurf and wingfoil spots in New Zealand, it's going to be a hard choice for sure.

New Zealand has so much on offer, from lakes to sheltered harbours to open sea. Flat water, ocean swells, waves, whatever tickles you fancy. Epic views and scenery will take your breath away on more than just our top 3 spots. However, we picked our favourites and narrowed it down to one spot in the North Island, one in the South Island, and a city spot in Auckland as a third one. Each of those spots has a very different characteristic and a very different backdrop, that can be a bit distracting at times 😉 So here we go:

Taranaki (North Island)

A mostly rocky shoreline along State Highway 45, also called the Surf Highway, offers fantastic breaks at most of the countless roads leading down to the coast. With a 270 degrees exposure, you’re sure to find a spot for your liking in nearly any conditions. However, our preferred spot for scenery is Kina Road. Sailing out, turning around for the first time, and if you are lucky you see the mountain, it’s just absolutely mindblowing! I can’t get enough of that view!

Want an introduction to wave sailing in Taranaki? Join one of our Taranaki Wave Surfaris!

Water Nomads | Taranaki Surfari

Lake Pukaki (South Island)

Milky blue water, big open landscapes, towering snowcapped mountains. Actually, not just any mountains, but New Zealands highest Aoraki / Mount Cook and Mount Tasman in the background. What’s not to like about this?

You can access the water on various places along the road leading along Lake Pukaki, the further up you go, the stronger the Northwesterly. You most likely won’t meet another soul – enjoy the solitude!

Explore Lake Pukaki and the other lakes of the Mackenzie Basin on our Canterbury Lakes Discovery Trip.

Windsurfer on Lake Pukaki with Mount Cook in the background

Wainui Inlet (Auckland)

This is a true Secret Spot. Not, that it is kept super secret (otherwise I wouldn’t be allowed to write about it here), but more so that it is so far off the beaten track, that although people know it’s epic, they rarely make the effort of going there. Located at the South Head of the Kaipara Harbour, it is about 1.5 hours drive from Auckland central. No cell phone coverage, nobody there. It can be only windsurfed 2 hours either side of high tide, even more limited with a foil. Mangroves and huge sand dunes makes you feel rather like being in Brazil than New Zealand. Epic wind and flat water in Northwesterlies!


I hope this gives you some inspiration. What are your favourite super-scenic spots? Let me know in the comments!

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