Manukau Paddle


Story about learning

The last couple months have been long and hard for all of us. For some, the challenges are only really beginning.

COVID-19 has seen a huge disruption in our lives and activities. In someways though, being able to connect more than ever through technology hasn’t been so bad. But there is always that desire to be out there do it, not just talk it… For us that call is the water.

Leaving Level 4 lockdown to Level 3 did not see huge change for most. However it was huge for us as the water was now on the approved activity list, be it for none powered vessels. Maintaining physical distancing remains a pillar to our success, so the occasional blast with a couple mates isn’t too hard. Particularly on the windsurfer when you have 4 meter masts!

This weekend is the moment so many have been waiting for, Monday we hope to leave Level 3 for a much eased Level 2. Water Nomads are eager to get you out on the water finding new places and new people to windsurf with. We will be looking to create a pre-winter trip, possibly a winter madness excursion to blow any lockdown cobwebs out. So keep following us, better still, sign up for our newsletter for early bird deals and updates as they occur!

So what have we been doing? Well this weekend was stunning, the tides perfect, no wind, no wave… So Water Nomads dusted off the sea kayaks for a local paddle on the Manukau. As you can see it was mirror calm, winter warm sun, blue day. Entertainment included Bevan disturbing a basking Ray in the shallows where the water boiled as it startled drenching him in a shower of sea water! A calm evening looking out over the Manukau heads, warmed by the setting sun, while whipping up a vege Thai curry and a hearty red wine.

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