Happy Birthday to us – Water Nomads turns 3!

Happy birthday

Happy Birthday to us - Water Nomads turns 3!

The journey over the past 3 years has been exciting and full of surprises. Finding a name and a logo that represents the character and motivation behind the business was our first challenge. We settled with the name Water Nomads as it includes travelling, exploring new places, being open for new things and meeting people from all over the world.

After 18 months of purely being a rental business, we decided to step things up a level and started to offer domestic windsurfing trips. Small groups, keep it personal, good food and nice accommodation – it seems to be a good recipe. And of course, we get to travel the country and meet new and awesome people!

The last year was – as for a lot of people – a bit of a challenge. But it also opened new opportunities. With international guests not allowed into the country, we did focus even more on our domestic customers. Against all expectations, the rental part of the business was still fairly busy with people travelling domestically and wanting to go windsurfing. We also added some new destinations for our Surfaris. And we did have time to completely rebuild our website during the March lockdown.

Now we are already thinking of new ideas for next season. But first of all, we are going back to Taranaki next weekend with a Water Nomads crew! Can’t wait!

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