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Story by Mark "Curly" Thomas

Read about a New Zealand surfing legend Graham Carse authored by Mark “Curly” Thomas, grab a coffee and enjoy.

Curly’s Facebook post introduction: “Here it is folks. I’m incredibly honoured to present this article in the New Zealand Surf Journal celebrating the life, times and contribution to our community of my mate, Graham Carse, who recently retired. Click on the link for the full yarn and a simply stunning array of images illustrating his storied life. Thank you to all who helped me put this story together about a man who really does not like talking about himself, but who deserves to be celebrated, and to Derek Morrison from NZ Surf Journal for curating the images, which brought this story to life. Raise your glasses and toast our South Dunedin champion. God damn brings a tear to my eye.” Follow the link below and enjoy!

About the author: Mark “Curly” Thomas is a 57-year-old chimney sweep, writer and recreationalist with a strong love for the mountains, the ocean and the people drawn to them. Curly has made no secret of his lifelong battle with depression, but since going public about it he has enjoyed great health and now campaigns quietly to break down the stigma surrounding mental illness, and for good mental health for all New Zealanders. He lives in Hawea flat with his wife, Janey, dog Possum and cat, Big Eddie.

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