Wind and Wave Expedition Tonga

Wind and Wave Tonga Tour

Spend 14 days and nights on and in the water from sunrise to sunset. A beautiful mix of high energy watersports to chilling out on the sleek and exciting catamaran ‘Wildlife’ to the beautiful island fales at Fanifo Lofa – Kitesurf Tonga on Uoleva island, Ha’apai group.

Kitesurfing Tonga look after your every need once you land in Tonga. No domestic flights to worry about as all your transport is taken care of! All your meals and activities are included. No crowds, just you and five mates exploring the beautiful outer islands of Tonga.

Half the trip is spent on the catamaran ‘Wildlife’ and the other half on the remote island resort at Fanifo Lofa – Kitesurf Tonga.


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14 nights quality accommodation

Half trip on sailing catamaran 'Wildlife', half at Fanifo Lofa - Kitesurf Tonga Resort.


Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner - fully catered throughout your stay.

Water assistance & Rescue

Knowledgeable and experienced staff to keep you safe.

Airport Transfers

Pick-up and Drop-off Tongatapu international terminal.

Local knowledge

Guided downwinders, general tips & coaching.

What you want to know

2023 Season

  • 2 May to 16 May – BOOKINGS NOW CLOSED

2024 Season

  • To be confirmed

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  • Kitesurfing Tonga do have some Kite gear to hire out at the resort but you will generally bring your own kit along as they cannot guarantee having something that will suit your needs.
  • There are 3 kayaks and 6 basic SUP’s that are free to use. Kitesurfing Tonga also have a few mask/snorkel/fins that are free to use at the resort but please bring your own if you have them. ‘Wildlife’ will require guests to bring all their own snorkel gear as they don’t have any due to tsunami taking care of their equipment!

What you need to know

  • 14 days and nights accommodation.
  • airport transfers.
  • all meals and drinking water.
  • water assistance and rescue.
  • guided downwinders.
  • general tips and coaching.
  • local knowledge.
  • boards, wings, kites, foils (65cm mast recommended for lagoon riding)
  • rash vests or shorties, recommend booties for your feet.
  • your own equipment.
  • beach towels (bath towels only provided)
  • toiletries.
  • sunscreen
  • insect repellant
  • medications
  • headlamps/torches
  • pumps
  • hats
  • reef shoes

This trip is aimed at those who are of an intermediate to advanced level of watersports. Most of our spots visited on the catamaran are advanced conditions either for the launch and retrieve or simply the remote nature of the spots so we are directing this more to intermediate to advanced waterpeople and their partners whether they are watersports crew or not.

Your Itinerary

Welcome to the Ha’apai group of islands in the Kingdom of Tonga where you will spend the majority of your expedition. Of Ha’apai’s 62 islands, 45 are uninhabited, which allows visitors to feel that raw beauty that is uninterrupted by crowds of people. You will enjoy sailing around the picturesque islands and reefs. Everything takes place in ‘easy-listening’ mode in Tonga, so unwind and chill with your catamaran Wildlife. Uoleva Island, where you will spend half your time, has only 4 permanent inhabitants!

Fly into The Kingdom of Tonga and Kitesurf Tonga will meet you at the airport and take you and your equipment straight to the catamaran Wildlife. After a short familiarization to your cabins and safety gear, you will set sail for the Ha’apai group of Tonga. This is traditionally a 6 to 8 hour crossing and only undertaken in safe weather conditions (Please refer weather clause in Terms and Conditions) as this is an open water passage. An exciting sail to the southern islands of Ha’apai usually arriving in the early evening.

You awaken in an anchorage between two classically beached tropical islands with flat water paradise between the islands and a multitude of wave choices on the many passes in the outer reef. So wether you are looking to foil or shred waves its all here!
You stay put for two days and enjoy this area to the max! Launching sometimes directly from the boat and sometimes heading ashore for the launch.

Then sail north to a new location and spend the afternoon buzzing amongst the reefs again with a good mix of flat water or waves on the outer reefs.

You sail to Uoleva island where you are transferred to your home for the next half of your trip at Fanifo Lofa – Kitesurf Tonga resort where you will experience one of the top watersports destinations in the world.

Claim your comfy beds and unpack your bags. Here you will experience all your watersports in the one location throughout the week! You will do a downwinder one day to explore the local area. Sip on a cocktail or two and be served some amazing meals. In the evenings you can get together in our outdoor space to play darts or cards, have a few drinks and relax the night away. One night we will roast a pig and celebrate, Tongan style!

Transfer to Wildlife after breakfast and it’s a day of sailing south to the capital Nukualofa. This is an all day sail so time to chill and reflect on the expedition highs and lows and enjoy sailing Wildlife down through the sheltered barrier reef of the Ha’apai islands then the open ocean crossing to Nukualofa. Arriving early evening you anchor at Pangaimotu island and prepare Day 14. If you are keen and the conditions are good early you can either choose to have a blast around the anchorage or head into Nukualofa town to do some souvenir shopping or just a stroll around before your mid morning departure to the airport.

What to expect

Join Kitesurf Tonga for the ultimate exclusive watersports trip for you and just 5 mates in the tropical wonderland of the Kingdom of Tonga.

Kitesurfing Tonga will look after your every need once you land in Tonga. No domestic flights to worry about as Kitesurf Tonga take care of all your transport! All your meals and activities are included. No crowds, just the 6 of you exploring the beautiful outer islands of Tonga. The wind is 15-25 knots on average.

Sailing Catamaran ‘Wildlife’ – at 16.2 mtrs and 8.4 mtr beam she is built of carbon, Kevlar and foam so this sailing vessel is a sailors boat and not a condo-maran! She has all the comforts required whilst also kept nice and light by using a shared toilet and shower facility, simple yet effective electronics, and with sailing speeds achieved of 10 to 20 kts, it is a thrill to sail through these islands!
There are 3 x double cabins aboard catamaran Wildlife. These are queen beds split in the middle with a removable timber insert suited for non-couples.

Relax on the tramps between the hulls as ‘Wildlife’ take a fast sail through some of the world’s remotest and untouched waters. Enjoy the dolphins riding the bow and marvel at some of the most pristine reefs in the world as you sail to your watersports wonderland.
From your floating home you will have access to some of the most remotest and pristine conditions to be found on the planet. This is the trip of a lifetime!

Welcome to Fanifo Lofa – Kitesurf Tonga. Set amongst the coconut trees their beautiful beachfront accommodation is found on Uoleva island in the heart of the Ha’apai group of islands in the Kingdom of Tonga.   
Kitesurfing Tonga have 5 ensuite king fales that will have either two king single beds or a king bed.

Keeping in tradition with their beautiful remote island Kitesurf Tonga have used as many natural timbers to create their stunning South Pacific Hideaway. You will be captivated by the romantic soft diffused lighting, exquisite ensuite bathrooms with warm solar showers, top quality linen and bedding and memory foam mattresses on oversized king size beds.  Sit and watch the aqua blue water and fish jumping on your own private verandah.

For your comfort each fale has 240v power for charging the essentials. Kitesurf Tonga pride themselves at Fanifo Lofa – Kitesurf Tonga in being off the grid and harnessing natures energy to give you the comforts you require whilst still remaining way off the beaten track.

The fales are all beachfront and are on raised stilts to give you stunning elevated views.  They are constructed entirely of timber including our beautiful exposed cedar roofs.  Your accommodation will always remain comfortable no matter what the temperature is.

Kitesurfing Tonga are very remote. At the resort there are no shops, no roads, no nightlife. They grow most of their own food, and what they buy  comes mostly from Nuku’alofa via the ferry once a week. They don’t have access to the varieties that are available in first world countries but don’t fret Kitesurf Tonga will make your stay as comfortable as possible and their fales are some of the most comfortable and beautiful in Tonga. Please note if you are expecting pools or cocktail bars… this is not the place for you. Tonga is a unique place where people come to enjoy the tranquility that is on offer.

No matter whether you are looking for the wind or the waves there is something to be found for everyone during your South Pacific expedition. The steady Tradewinds in Tonga offer a magnificent playground for all disciplines of watersports lovers.
Ha’apai offers a world class watersports location – steady wind, butter flat water, reef wave riding, outer reef passes and safe lagoons for trying out new toys and to top it all – no crowds!
Uoleva Island has a 300m sandbar at the tip which stretches over to Lifuka. There are 2 sides to play, the leeward sea side and a massive flat water lagoon about six kilometers long on the windward side, which gives us loads of room to play. Whether your learning a cool new move or gaining knowledge on how to ride waves, the aqua water with smooth wind is going to be your best friend. You will always have the backup of knowledgeable and experienced staff to keep you safe.

A foiling adventure was what we had in the past week, expertly lead by Heidi and Bevan, who are great hosts and had organised a well oiled few days of watersports. The food was outstanding and it was a great experience to catch up with other like-minded people to enjoy some fun times foiling on a variety of craft. Always pleasant and hospitable, i recommend Water Nomads for a great adventure, wherever in NZ they are going.