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Heidi loves her Severne Nano


Our Story

Heidi and Bevan have been sailing Starboard Windsurfing boards and Severne Sails and boards since, well since for ever. And when it came to surf, NSP is the only name we trusted to provide you with the friendliest yet exciting ride. When we decided to create Water Nomads, we immediately made the commitment that whatever we hire to you is the same gear we trust and use daily on the water.

So working with NZ Boardstore, Starboard, Severne, PPC, AXIS and NSP we have built a fleet second to none in New Zealand. Everything you can think of and more, boards, foils, wings, sails, boom, mast extension, harness, leash, paddle, bags, lockbox for car/van keys, even soft racks…

We are soon landing our latest line-up that includes the new 2019 Severne boards such as the Dyno, that weapon of a Fox, Starboard Inflatable Windsup’s, Severne Blade wave sails and Gator freeride sails. Check out our line-up on the equipment tab on our website!

Perfect timing for the release of the new seasons equipment brilliantly coincides with New Zealand’s Spring and Summer. Not only can you escape the Northern winter with a fabulous summer holiday in ‘God’s own’, you can be the first in the world to ride the latest season’s kit! Now that’ll make your friends back home green with envy!

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