Severne Windsurfing 2023

Introducing the most technologically advanced wave/freestyle range to date;

  • NEW Stone Asymmetric wave board built in collaboration with Jaeger Stone
  • NEW Gradient Panel Technology for ultimate load transfer on all wave and FoilFreek sails.
  • NEW CarbonFusion technology Blade Pro
  • NEW exhilarating FoilFreek

The verdict from the Severne team is clear; this new season sees big leaps forward in construction and performance. All SEVERNE wave sails now boast the Load-Path experience gained during the HyperSpider project and later exploration of CarbonFusion technology. The outcome is an intelligent sailcloth usage that not only controls the stretch but harnesses elasticity to make sails that react and respond like a coiled spring. Sails that feel alive. The new Stone asymmetric wave features a finer and longer rail on the bottom turn side to cut through chop and allow deeper grip at top speed. The top turn rail is shortened by removing the swallow, creating an ‘S’ tail which assists a ‘snappier’ top turn allowing for the tail to sink easier.

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