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In this blogpost we are introducing the S-1 from Severne Windsurfing, our amazing 4-batten wave sails.


The S-1 is a maneuver-oriented wavesail, designed with precision and performance in mind.


One of the standout features of the Severne S-1 is its revolutionary Gradient Panel Technology, which cleverly reduces weight, enhances strength, and controls stretch. The result is a quicker reacting sail with a lighter feel.
Unlike traditional sails with a single curved luff panel, the Severne S-1 deploys a unique panel layout that radiates out of the head and tack corners. This ingenious design perfectly aligns the sail material with the direction of load, resulting in a direct transmission of power and a lighter, more dynamic feel.

Severe S-1 Sail

Recommended conditions and board:

The Severne S-1 offers a wide range of tuning possibilities to match your style and the conditions of the day. This makes it a great choice as a wave sail for Taranaki (or anywhere in the world with various conditions). 

All our sails are supplied with high quality RDM carbon masts (75% carbon or 90% carbon) and the Severne Metal boom. 

We at Water Nomads recommend to pair the Severne S-1 with either the Severne Pyro or the Severne Nano if you want to experience pure wave sailing performance in side shore spots like Taranaki.

Windsurfer hitting the lip of a wave

What sizes are available?

Water Nomads offers the S-1 range from 3.3m up to 5.2m. We have the full range of 2023 models available, backed up with some 2022 models for high demand times. 
Our favourite sizes are 4.4 and 5.0 for Taranaki. Enough power to get out, still light enough and easy to handle on the wave.
For more info on the Severne S-1 head over to the Severne website.

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