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For the past 22 years, NSP has been at the forefront of surfboard manufacturing, producing and delivering countless boards worldwide.

NSP establishing itself as a renowned global brand synonymous with durable, high-performance equipment.

NSP was the first brand to use “non-sandwich” epoxy technology in surfboards when told by others it would not be possible. Today the brand continues to break barriers in several water sports categories – surf, sup, racing and foiling.

So how did it all start?

The NSP story began in 2001, fueled by the vision of Bruce “Buzz” Hansen, a life-long surfer, skater and all round waterman.

Buzz’s dream was to develop a versatile surfboard that could be thrown in the back of a pickup truck or be lent to a friend without worry of damage – all while delivering an exceptional surfing experience. Buzz envisioned a board good enough to share with his surfing companions, neighbours, and friends.

NSP Surfboard
Surfer on a wave doing a cut-back

Under the code name “New Surf Project” he developed with some friends a revolutionary new technology;  defying all the skeptics who thought a non-sandwich epoxy technology in surfboards wouldn’t be possible. 

The name “New Surf Project” stuck and NSP was established. Over time, as the brand evolved, so did the name. Today, NSP stands for “Nature,” “Surfing,” and “Products,” reflecting the core values and mission of the company.


NSP offers a wide range of surfboards. From performance shortboard to classic logs and everything in between. With NSP as our partner, we are confident we’ve got exactly the right board for you in our line-up. We focuse on the Hybrid and the Funboard, with sizes ranging from 5’9″ -9’2″, thus aiming at the intermediate to advanced surfer. 
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