Review of the new PPC M1 Wing

PPC is redefining the benchmark in wingfoiling with their all new M1 wing. This wing combines fresh materials and an innovative design, delivering remarkable speed, stability, power and durability.

At the core of the PPC M1 Wing lies cutting-edge Cuben Fiber, a material renowned for its impressive strength-to-weight ratio. Developed by Dyneema Composites, Cuben Fiber is more rigid than conventional fabric, enabling us to inflate the wing to a higher PSI level. This results in a smaller diameter leading edge, reducing drag and allowing for a more precise and rigid aerofoil shape in the canopy design.

Unlike traditional materials, Cuben Fiber is highly resistant to wear and tear, making the M1 Wing a durable investment for riders in pursuit of uncompromising quality. Whether you’re a seasoned wing foiler or a novice, you’ll appreciate the extended durability that Cuben Fiber brings to the M1.

PPC M1 wing
PPC M1 wing detail handle

Complementing the groundbreaking Cuben Fiber leading edge is the custom M1 canopy fabric. This material, that’s already getting used in sail technology for the Americas Cup yachts, represents superior quality, boasting exceptional strength and durability. It allows the wing to maintain its shape under the most challenging conditions, ensuring consistent lift and control. The result is a wing that feels responsive in your hands, responding seamlessly to your every command.

One of the standout features of the new PPC M1 wing is its impressive wind range for each wing size. Furthermore, the M1 Wing’s custom canopy fabric showcases a sleek aerofoil design. With a combination of style and substance, PPC Foiling has created a wing that not only performs exceptionally but also looks stunning out on the water.

At 2.52kg for a 5m wing (without handles) the PPC M1 wing might not be the very lightest wing on the market, but once you are out on the water, you won’t notice the few extra grams. The skinny leading edge and advanced aerodynamic makes the M1 perfectly balanced with excellent power supply. Two 38cm long carbon handles give you the direct feel and control you are expecting.

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