Adrian Roper’s Spitfire Podcast

Adrian Roper AXIS Foils

With the all New Spitfire range from AXIS dropping worldwide, The Generic Foiling Podcast managed to persuade Adrian Roper to join them on their podcast!

Adrian is a super interesting bloke with a long great background in windsurfing, kitesurfing and now foiling.

Here at Water Nomads hope you enjoy this The Generic Foiling Podcast #36. It is just over 2 hours long, you will not regret it. The discussion is foiling in depth, along with a fair bit of engineery chat between Liam and Adrian.

Listen to this on your favourite Podcast platform: “The Generic Foiling Podcast, #36 Adrian Roper – Axis Foils”

If you would like to get some more, try this episode by Blue Planet Show, Season 2, Episode 19:

Adrian Roper, the man behind AXIS foils. They get into some tips for beginners, talk about his background and how he got into watersports at a young age. They discuss details about foil design, how to set up the foil properly, how different aspects of the foil setup affect how the foil performs. Not to miss out, new designs he is working on, the mast, importance of stiffness, the fuselage, the angles of the foil. This Axis Foil brochure has the shim guide Adrian mentions on pages 41,42: AXIS Foils Brouchure

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