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Have you ever wonder how we decide on destinations and time of the year for our Surfari trips? Well, the recipe is fairly simple: Combine a spot we personally really enjoyed with the best time of year for reliable wind! To be honest, there are a few more factors going into the decision making, but in essence, that’s it. Because we want you to have an unforgettable time with us, for all the right reasons.

Fun windsurfing with friendsAlways a good crew

We have a couple of 3-day trips planned to Northland for you for this winter, and then of course our classic Taranaki weekends come spring time. These trips are always great fun: lots of time on the water, good company, excellent food – what more could you ask for? Limited spots will fill up fast, so get in touchand book now if you don’t want to miss out.
Flying in from the South Island or internationally? Gear rental is available on all our trips on request. Pick up a car / camper van at the airport, add a few days after our trip and make it a week long holiday!

Wingfoiling in Northland

3-day weekend in Northland:
This trips is suitable for wingers, windfoilers and windsurfers. Due to the nature of the different spots, it caters for a variety of skill levels – there are a few sheltered areas where even less experienced windsurfers / wingers can get on the water when at the same time seasoned watermen and women can have some great times in waves or downwinding.
Northland is known to be fairly mild even in the middle of winter – they call it the winterless North for a reason! A 4/3 wetsuit is definitely enough, and on the beach you could be in shorts and T-shirt (depending on the wind direction).

After a good session....Wavesailing Taranaki

Taranaki Wave Weekend:
This trip is mainly aimed at experienced windsurfers (though we are happy to have experienced wingers on board as well) who want to get to know the ins and outs of the famous Taranaki coastline. With its 270 degree exposure, there is nearly always a spot with cross-offshore wind and a decent wave to be found – you just need to know where to look! Especially as it can be dead calm in one spot and it’s blowing 30 minutes down the coast….. Another thing that can cut your water-time short is the fact of being intimidated by the conditions: The (often) rocky coastlines require a bit of insider knowledge or lots of experience to launch at the right spot. Come with us, and learn all about it.
We run a trip during the Taranaki Wave Classic (details still need to be finalised), and a weekend trip in late November.

Places are strictly limited on our trips, bookings are open, make your move now!

Feel free to contact us if you have any more questions.


Heidi + Bevan

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