Axis fuselage red

AXIS RED Advance Fuselage

Red Advance Fuselage (+40)

If you’re into pushing the envelope in Prone, SUP, Wake, Wing or Pump, these will blow your mind. Are you looking to push harder, carve tighter turns and want an even more connected feeling on the larger PNG and BSC front wings? Our new Red Advance fuselage is for you.
In three different sizes you get tons of options to fine tune your setup. This design sees the mast position moved 40mm closer to the front foil, opening up entirely new options for performance.
The regular Red fuselages are perfectly suited to the majority of riders across all disciplines. By no means are these new Red Advance fuselage intended to replace them. They just provide options for performance and a more connected feel when pushing the limits.

Axis foil assembly

As the mast position on the Red Advance Fuselage is moved closer to the front wing, the effective length of the fuselage behind the mast is now slightly increased (by 40mm).
When choosing your Red Advance Fuselage, it’s advisable to possibly opt for a length shorter than you are currently using. If you’re currently using an Ultrashort, you might consider the Crazyshort instead.  
The Red Advance fuselage is available in Short, Ultrashort and Crazyshortsizing. Compatible with all the front wings that use the red fuselage. Compared to the regular Red fuselage range, these 3 new little siblings provide a looser, smoother transition from side-to-side. The sensation our testers liken it to is similar to the sensation of moving fins forward in the tracks on a surfboard. Initiating turns becomes easier, which is great in the surf.
In an effort to reduce the use of cardboard and excess packing material, all the Black and Red ADVANCE fuselages are shipping with the matching new fuselage protective covers. Better for your gear. Better for the environment.

Axis fuselage red specs
Axis fuselage red
Axis fuselage red
Axis fuselage red advanced

The AXIS Progressive 250/56, 275/58 and 300/61 rear wings are performance wings for advanced riders. The excel in tow foiling, prone /SUP foiling and wing foiling, ideally paired with higher performance front wings such as HPSART and PNG wings.
The main characteristics of these new smaller Progressive rears are, much higher speeds due to lower drag, yet they retain control and can be pushed to perform in extreme situations.
Our team riders are raving about how well balanced and confidence-inspiring the new small Progressive wings are. The speed, control, turning ability and grip for their size is incredible. There is however a small penalty to pump ability as size decreases.
So how do you use these new sizes:
James Casey’s go-to for prone in most conditions is the 275/58, while for Downwinding he prefers the 300/61. 
The 300/61 Progressive turns brilliantly, but has the added benefit of more pump-ability and predictability. If he has to contend with a fast mid-sized wave day, then the 250/56 is the one.   
Our wing-foiling team has been blown away by these small progressives paired with even the largest of the ART range, improving the turning performance of these larger wings and boosting speed significantly.
These new Progressives look tiny, but the higher speeds that you achieve with them mean greater stabilising forces that don’t come at the expense of manoeuvrability. 

Axis Rear wing progressive

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