New Record Breaking AXIS ARTPro 1201 Released

Axis ART Pro
Axis ART Pro
After the great reception the ART1099 received, we were inundated by the bigger guys (95+kg) wanting a wing of their own. We swung into action with the intent of rolling out an ART1199 with them in mind… that’s where the ARTPRO odyssey began.

Not content to just scale up an already tried and true formula we went to work, 2 years in development, countless iterations, all building on the success of the one before, the result we believe is something really special, so special in fact that collectively we decided it would herald in an entirely new range for AXIS, the ARTPRO’s.
Leading the charge is the ARTPRO 1201, designed for fast downwinding and bigger guys, but don’t get the wrong impression, this is the wing Dylan Bez prone paddled up for a World Record Marathon 3hr and 6min continuous Surf pump session (left his wetsuit at home so went out in work shorts, he had to stop because it got dark? Averaging 18km/h and covering a whopping 58km in distance all without getting wet again)
The design requirements of the ARTPRO 1201, were great bottom end, endless glide, fast and nippy feel, unparalleled large span turning and control and finally great breach control, crucial for a wing of this span.
The tools we used to achieve what might seem an impossible ask, were less overall turn down, less complicated shape in general (removing stray vectors introduced by unnecessary additional curvatures/wavey bits in the wings shape), with straighter, more forward medial line for better turning and control and very high aspect ratio. (particularly as the ARTPRO’s reduce in size). Finally we introduced all new faster and thinner foil sections. (with the exception of the ARTPRO 1201, where the focus is more centred around early lift)

Adrian Roper and Dylan Ben introduce the new ARTPro 1201

Axis ART Pro
Axis ART Pro Specs
Axis ART Pro

What can you expect from the ARTPRO range?
Each member of the family is a wing in its own right, not simply scaled versions of its closest sibling, however, expect chord values to drop drastically as spans reduce. These are fast high performance wings and as such are perhaps not as accessible to intermediate riders as the ART’s that proceeded them. While they deliver amazing performance characteristics, they are infinitely manageable for mere mortals.

As a consequence of the performance gains discovered during the development of ARTPRO range, we realised that taking full advantage of this performance required a rethink of rear stabilisers. Enter the AXIS Skinny rear wing range, reduced chord rear wings, reducing pressure build-up and providing a better balance for the low chord front wings, resulting in additional performance gains, more fluid gliding and thrilling turns.

Axis Skinny Rear

365/55, 362/50, 360/45
The development of the much faster-running ARTPRO wings prompted us to begin experimenting with reduced chord rear stabilisers to maximise this newfound speed advantage. With minimal span changes (just 5mm between them) and drastic chord reduction down to 55, 50, and 45mm, we found positive gains in speed, control, balance and feel. The Skinnies have inherited many of the same characterises that make our Progressive range so popular, like the precise feel and seamless turn initiation plus recovery. Match your Skinny to your ARTPRO span and your stability requirements.

Adrian Roper, Head Designer at AXIS Foils introducing the Skinny Rear Wings Range

Axis Skinny Rear
Axis Rear 460

Continuing the huge success of the AXIS 460 Carbon rear wing, was not an easy task. 
We kept the same chord, foil section, and wingspan of the original 460, but added a splash of turn down on the tips, similar to the Progressive rears. 
This created a rear wing that is fast, stable, pumps unreal, and likes to turn with good carving performance. The perfect setup for all dock start, flat water pump, downwinding, wake, light wind winging, and more. 

If you don’t have the AXIS 460 v2 rear wing in your bag of rear wings, you are certainly missing out. 

We updated the graphics on this rear wing to show all the technical details you might be interested in (plus some):

Axis rear wing specs
Axis Rear 460

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