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AXIS ART PRO 1401 Release

AXIS ART PRO 1401 Release

The ART PRO 1401, really challenges the phrases, Bumps too small to go out… or, There’s not enough wind to get going…Designed as a small-bump down-wind machine, the ART PRO 1401 excels in low-energy swells and light wind conditions. Opening up wing foiling in very light conditions, the ART PRO 1401 is really fast, barely slower than the ART PRO 1201 and turns […]

AXIS PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon Masts

AXIS PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon Masts

Affectionately named the ‘dogleg’ by the test team, the PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon is quite a departure from the industry’s more conventional masts. Building on the impressive performance and stiffness of our existing Carbon mast program, the PRO – Ultra High Modulus Carbon boasts an unbelievable 55% increase in stiffness and incredible torsional rigidity as compared to our […]

Introducing the Severne S-1 Windsurfer hitting the lip of a wave

Introducing the Severne S-1

In this blogpost we are introducing the S-1 from Severne Windsurfing, our amazing 4-batten wave sails. Overview: The S-1 is a maneuver-oriented wavesail, designed with precision and performance in mind. Design: One of the standout features of the Severne S-1 is its revolutionary Gradient Panel Technology, which cleverly reduces weight, enhances strength, and controls stretch. […]

NSP Surfboards Water Nomads | Surfboard Rental

NSP Surfboards

For the past 22 years, NSP has been at the forefront of surfboard manufacturing, producing and delivering countless boards worldwide. NSP establishing itself as a renowned global brand synonymous with durable, high-performance equipment. NSP was the first brand to use “non-sandwich” epoxy technology in surfboards when told by others it would not be possible. Today […]

Review of the AXIS Foils Spitfire AXIS Spitfire lineup

Review of the AXIS Foils Spitfire

Are you ready to take your foiling experience to the next level? Look no further than the AXIS Spitfire, the ultimate surf foiling wing that will revolutionize your time on the water. As a foil rental center, we understand the importance of providing our customers with top-of-the-line equipment that enhances their enjoyment and performance. That’s […]